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| 06 May 2008
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Laura Ellen Bacon is an artist from Derbyshire who is inspired by nests and cocoon-like forms. She enjoys a direct, physical contact with her work, often creating large-scale pieces big enough to climb into or pass through in some way.

A photo of a woman creating a woven form.

Laura Ellen Bacon. © Alan Fletcher

Is there an object or artwork that has inspired you, encouraged you to work in a different way or given you a great idea?

Primitive tools – hand-made implements, such as a piece of flint being tied to a piece of wood and then used as an axe.

A photo of a structure made from reeds.

Reed Chamber. Courtesy Chris Drury

I am also inspired by architectural processes, such as the Reed Chamber made by artist Chris Drury at the Wildfowl and Wetlands Trust in Arundel The Reed Chamber is a building but it is also a sculpture.

Can you think of a person who has inspired you?

Sometimes I think you have to be switched on to being inspired: you can then be receptive to ideas you wouldn’t normally conceive.

A photo of a sculpture made of eucalyptus.

Gyöngy Laki - Red Limbs 2005-2006. 11.5” High x 17” Diameter . Eucalyptus, apple, paint, bullets for building. Photo: Tom Grotta

There are a whole host of people who inspire me for different reasons, but one would be Gyöngy Laki - an American artist who dowels wood – the process of using wood as a nail, for example.

Which idea or invention are you most proud of?

I think the idea I am most proud of in my work was the design concept used for my work at Charnwood Museum, Loughborough.

A photo of a woven willow structure attached to the side of a building.

Laura Ellen Bacon - Pouring Forms. © Justin Piperger

'Pouring Forms' are woven, abstract forms that appear to flow from the windows on a tower of the museum, illustrating that the museum was 'so full of interesting objects and ideas, that they were oozing from the building'. It was a simple concept but possibly the most successful to date.

Which innovation will have the most impact in the future?

It isn't invented yet (not that I'm aware of!) but I often think the one invention that would truly change the world, would be something that could read people's minds.

An x-ray of a skull.


I'm thinking it would change the world for the worse in fact, so I hope it's never invented!

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