Mission Gallery Presents Christine Jones' New Ceramics

By Corinne Field Published: 01 January 2004

Shows a photo of an elongated oval pale pink ceramic vessel.

Photo: Ice Pink Vessel, Christine Jones. Photograph by Nicola O'Neill.

Christine Jones: New Ceramics is a Ruthin Craft Centre touring exhibition of works by the award winning ceramicist on show at the Mission Gallery until January 10 2004.

Jones’ work consists of elegant and minimal hand-built vessels that poise precariously on slender bases. Textured, and painted in pure, soft monotones, unadorned and unglazed, they are all of a very distinct style and draw on the light, sea and landscapes of southern Wales.

Before she starts creating the vessels Jones mixes the clay to the exact colour that she wants it using stains and oxides. The first stage in the building process is to make a pinch pot base to which she adds two to three coils of clay a day. Each pot takes about two weeks before it is ready to be fired.

Shows a photo of three bright blue ceramic vessels. One is a bowl, one is an elongated oval shape and the other is a squat oval shape.

Photo: Vivid blue vessels and bowl, Christine Jones. Photograph by Nicola O'Neill.

"Making vessels embraces a way of life, who I am. It is about optimism, survival, truth and time. Clay is a living material and in this respect it is necessary to have a dialogue and relationship with the material: it is also magical in its transformation from soft clay to hard ceramic," says Jones.

"I keep all materials and practical methods to a minimum, concentrating on the purity of the form. I hope the vessels convey clarity and quietness, yet still contain the energy of the making. It is a continuing ambition to make vessels that have presence and spirit."

Shows a photo of four differently coloured ceramic vessels. Two at the back are tall, while the two at the front are shorter and rounder.

Photo: Ceramic Vessel Group, 2002, Christine Jones. Photograph by Martin Williams.

It is not the first time that a solo exhibition of the Swansea-based artist’s work has been shown at the Mission Gallery. In 1996 they hosted Still Horizons, another touring exhibition.

A full colour catalogue accompanies her latest exhibition with text written by William Wilkins, Julia Pitts and Philip Hughes.

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