Heather and Ivan Morison bring 16-metre Ultrasauros beast to Portsmouth via Serbia

By Mark Sheerin | 05 August 2010
A giant outdoor sculpture of a dinosaur as tall as a nearby monument

(Above) Heather and Ivan Morison, Luna Park (2010). Photo © Matt Sills. Courtesy Aspex Gallery.

Exhibition: Heather and Ivan Morison, Luna Park and An Unreachable Country. A Long Way To Go, Southsea Common and Aspex, Portsmouth, until October10 2010

Along with the Lada and the older Skoda, Yugos represents both good and bad sides of Soviet-style socialism. The discontinued car is a symbol of compromised idealism, not widely desirable but at least affordable.

Production stopped in 2008 and the brand faces extinction. Like many other aspects of life behind the iron curtain, it is fast becoming myth. And now those who built it have used Yugo technology to create another hyper-real legend.

A 16 metre tall dinosaur has been installed on Southsea Common near Portsmouth as part of a show at the city's Aspex gallery. Experts will recognise the sauropod as one that existed only briefly during the 1970s under a misapprehension.

By mistake, bones from brachiosaurus and supersaurus were put together to create the colossal Ultrasauros. Now the species is as redundant as the car industry in the former Socialist Federal Republic of Yugoslavia.

Heather and Ivan Morison are the artists behind the model. At first glance it will look like a roadside attraction for kids, but this giant lizard has as much to do with politics as palaeontology.

Admission free. Aspex opening times 11am-5pm daily.

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