Art and music at Petersfield Museum: Culture24 on the road for Museums at Night 2010

By Mark Slawinski | 15 May 2010
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a photograph of a folk duo of flute and guitar in a gallery

Folk duo Hat and Coat Tails serenade visitors to Petersfield Museum for Museums at Night 2010. © Culture24

Culture24 reporters have been hitting the road this weekend to report on Museums at Night events right across the UK. Here Mark Slawinski enjoys a mellow evening of art and music at Petersfield Museum.

‘Bang!’ went the balloon, and the crowd of locals gathered in Petersfield Museum’s intimate and frankly brilliant Flora Twort gallery jumped out of their collective skins, then laughed.

Maybe it was the evening’s sense of hidden excitement that had caused the perishable to make its dramatic exit. Either way, it was just one of many unexpected and pleasant occurrences at last night’s event at the museum.

a photograph of a woman standing next to a portrait of young woman

(Above) Jill Thompson-Lewis with her Twort portrait. © Culture24

People arrived to the melodious lilt of traditional British folk music, played by local duo ‘Hat and Coat Tails’, to take in the rich collection of Twort’s legacy, which depicts local scenes in inks and watercolours. The music was a perfect accompaniment to the rural mood of the pieces.

a photo of a woman in a gallery with a folk duo in the background

(Above) Jacki Knee enjoys Petersfield Museum in a different light. © Culture24

Elsewhere, Daniel James, a skilled finger style guitarist and songwriter set an equally balmy tone as we browsed a substantial and finely detailed collection of prints and originals by local artist John Starling.

a photo of two people in a gallery

Daniel James sets a 'balmy tone' to peruse prints and originals by local artist John Starling. © Culture24

A short walk through a tranquil church courtyard, with music pouring through the open gallery door behind us led to the Museum’s local history building, set in an impressive old courthouse, where family groups perused the quirky and varied artefacts of Petersfield’s past to the sound of live electric guitar.

A brilliant evening of music and culture.

Feedback - how was it for you?

a photo of a man leaning against a display of old photos

Wyn Robinson: "I read about it on the Museum’s great website and I would give it 9 of 10. For a small town like Petersfield, the variety and interest on offer is great, with two excellent buildings. There’s a real sense of skill in Flora’s work and the building has great atmosphere. I would definitely come again. More people can come if the museum stays open later; it gives me a chance to learn something rather than just going to the pub."

a photo of a mother and daughter in a gallery

Imogen Black, 13, with her mum Jackie: “We found out about it through publicity we saw in a booklet. We would give it 8 out of 10, it’s a lovely museum with lots of local interest and an excellent collection of art by Flora Twort. (Imogen) I’d like to come and look at all the dresses again with my friends one evening after school.”

a photo of a woman in a gallery

Jackie Knee: “I read about it on a flier I saw and picked up on the buzz in the town. I’d score it 7 out of 10, it’s a nice surprise because I wasn’t fully aware that all this was here, and the art collection is great. I would be sure to get my kids involved next time as they love museums and they’d like exploring both of the buildings here.”

Museums at Night logo

Museums at Night events are happening right across the weekend until May 16. Check out the Museums at Night homepage to find out what's going on near you.

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