Kids in Museums launches Manifesto at The Royal Academy

By Culture24 Staff | 06 February 2009
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Logo Courtesy of Kids in Museums

Pioneering charity Kids in Museums launched its new manifesto for 2009 at the Royal Academy last night.

The manifesto offers 20 suggestions for museums to make visits more family friendly and was compiled with the help of the general public.

Kids in Museums Director Dea Birkett said: "It was wonderful to see how many museums are eager to support the manifesto and to see Kids in Museums working together with museums and organisations.

"The manifesto has encouraged many museums to take action to make a real change, not only to museums themselves, but also to people and their families and therefore their life experiences and the opportunities in their lives.

She added: "The event at the Royal Academy proved how museums and Kids in Museums working together could shift towards good practice in organisations so they are more welcoming. We were delighted that they were so open to Kids in Museums and that we were able to make changes together."

The charity was founded after Dea took her children to the Royal Academy’s Aztec exhibition but was thrown out after one of her children shouted ‘Monster’ at a statue of Eagle Man.

Since the incident, the Royal Academy has worked with the charity to ensure it is now a family friendly and welcoming venue and Dea feels that this is the perfect place for the launch.

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