Andreas Heller moves mountains to Austrian Cultural Forum

By Culture24 Staff | 09 February 2009
A picture of structures resembling mountains made of white tubes in a gallery

Andreas Heller fills the gallery with mountainous sculptures in his new exhibition. Pics courtesy Austrian Cultural Forum

Exhibition: Andreas Heller – Blueprints for a Blackout, Austrian Cultural Forum, London, until April 3 2009

Andreas Heller’s works are tricky to precisely define. More concerned with encouraging imaginative perceptions of the unseen in his etchings and structures, Heller’s focus lies in deconstructing landscapes and images to leave blueprints, revealing raw, empty backdrops.

A picture of structures resembling mountains dominating a room

Heller's fascination lies in outlines and perceived emptiness. Pic courtesy Austrian Cultural Forum

The images are essentially flattened by these techniques – mountains are reduced to outlines, and the removal of all form and texture aims to enhance our understanding of the way we read images and the different perspective we gain on previously rich scenes (such as the Austrian countryside he chooses) when their visual substance is whittled down.

A picture of a drawing of a swirling blue countryside in outline only

Heller produces visual outlines of the Austrian countryside. Pic courtesy Austrian Cultural Forum

“Andreas Heller’s more recent works, particularly his photo montages, at first glance suggest associations that can be classified in terms of art and cultural history under nature romanticism,” offers Georg Schiemer in an introductory note, alluding to the caverns and cliffs Heller depicts.

A picture of a drawing of a pastoral scene using only blue ink

The show is Heller's first solo exhibition in the UK. Pic courtesy Austrian Cultural Forum

Heller has spent four years developing Blueprints for a Blackout, featuring a recreation of a mountain through angled white bars in the midst of the show, and it is the first solo exhibition in the UK for this talented young Austrian artist.

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