Antony Gormley Sculpture Acquired By Manchester Art Gallery

By Culture24 Staff | 27 January 2009
a photo of an abseiler supsended on a rope next to a life size statue in the form of a man

(Above) Gently does it... an abseiler helps to guide Manchester Art Gallery's newest acquisition into place. Picture courtesy Manchester Art Gallery

Manchester Art Gallery has acquired an important sculpture by Antony Gormley.

Filter (2002) was bought with an £80,000 grant from leading independent art charity The Art Fund and valuable support from the Livingstone and Bloom Charitable Trusts.

It’s the first time Filter has been shown to the public and the Gallery joins five regional galleries with a Gormley sculpture on display.

Gormley (born1950) is probably best known for his public sculpture The Angel of the North in Gateshead and his installation Another Place, at Crosby Beach, Merseyside and he was at Manchester Art Gallery today (January 27 2009) to officially mark the new addition to the Gallery’s collections.

“The work hangs in space as if in orbit, open to light and the elements, it is a meditation on the relationship between the core of the body and space at large,” explained the artist who won the Turner Prize in 1994.

a photo of a man suspended benearh a glass celing guiding a lifesize statue into place

Two abseilers helped with the specialist installation. Picture courtesy Manchester Art Gallery

“It suggests that while movement, freedom of choice and the exercising of will is one way in which life expresses itself there is another axis: the relationship between emotion and spatial experience.”

Suspended high above the museum’s impressive glass extension, it took two abseilers more than two hours to help with the specialist installation of the sculpture.

Filter is now hanging safely suspended by a cable above the stairs leading to the Craft and Design and temporary exhibitions galleries.

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