Manchester Museum On The Look Out For An Artist To Be A Hermit

By Culture24 Staff | 22 December 2008
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Manchester Museum is holding a competition to find a new resident artist

As fame-hungry wannabes around the country flock to auditions to spend next summer in the Big Brother house, the Manchester Museum is launching its own version by advertising for a hermit to live in the gothic tower overlooking the grounds.

The lucky applicant will be given access to the museum’s collection of more than four million objects, with a mandate to quiz experts from the galleries prior to their two-month isolation.

“We are looking for an inspirational and quirky artist who will bring the tower to life through their work,” announced Curator David Gelsthorpe, who is inviting bids from anyone with an arts or performance background.

“They will be encouraged to communicate with the outside world through a variety of means, so that the wider world can be involved in the project. It should be one of the most exciting and fun things to happen at the museum in years.”

During the Romantic period of the 18th and 19th centuries much literature, art and music was populated by wanderers, hermits, vagrants and figures in exile. During this time it became fashionable for wealthy estate owners to pay imitation hermits to inhabit their properties as living garden decorations.

Museum Director, said ‘By updating notions of the hermit and the ivory tower for a contemporary context, we intend that the Manchester Hermit project will draw attention to some of the major environmental issues facing the planet. We also hope that its unusual nature will engage a wide range of audiences right across the world’.

Entries for the residency, which is scheduled to begin in May 2009, close on January the 19th 2009, and interviews are planned for February the 5th. Email or call 0161 306 1601.

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