Kinetic Museum Announces The First UK Kinetic Art Fair

By Culture24 Staff | 17 December 2008
A picture of a man standing between three shiny coloured, glassy spheres of light

© Dante Leonelli, Courtesy Kinetica

Event/Exhibition preview: Kinetica Art Fair, P3, Marylebone Road, London, February 28 – March 2, 2009

A pioneer of scientific art who created space dust for NASA, a pony made of walking hands and solar-powered mobiles in orbit are among the eye-popping exhibits on offer at the world’s first art fair dedicated to kinetic, robotic and time-based art.

Kinetica Art Fair, the brainchild of futuristic emporium The Kinetica Museum, will be held at a new art space under Westminster University in February, and will feature more than 150 artists in a programme which should make R2D2 look like a toaster.

A picture of two small blue bins held by a metallic structure

© Chico Macmurtrie/Amorphic Robot Works, Courtesy Kinetica

Artists from the gallery include Daniel Chadwick, renowned for devising “kinetic solar systems” of breathtaking technical precision, rotating around each other in a dimension-challenging illumination of lasers and light.

A picture of a robot climbing a rope

© Chico Macmurtrie/Amorphic Robot Works, Courtesy Kinetica

Liliane Lijn, a kinetic practitioner whose theories on energy, sound and space earned her a residency at the Space Sciences Laboratory in California, presents her Stardust Ruins experiments with Aerogel, a substance used by NASA as a thermal insulator.

A picture of a robot standing on top of a brown sphere

© Chico Macmurtrie/Amorphic Robot Works, Courtesy Kinetica

Tim Lewis creates strange hybrids of everyday structures, piecing them together in a re-imagining of perception which affords inanimate objects the ability to physically interact with the world.

Kinetic art began in the early 20th century, with electronic artwork and machine-like mechanisms challenging the boundaries of scientific possibilities and the evolutionary process.

A picture of a typewriter on a desk with paper spewing out onto the floor

© Tim Lewis, Courtesy Kinetica

This exploration of the style will cover a range of forms within the genre, including immersive installations, electroluminescent works and robotic installations, as well as a number of events and performances.

Tickets £5-£20. Visit or call 020 7392 9674.

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