#Museumselfie: 43 of the best photos taken in the UK

| 20 January 2016

The Brontës were renowned for self-absorbed posing rather than, say, reading or writing books.

Trigger offered an alternative to the tried-and-tested finger-to-lip pout at the National Portrait Gallery.

Revered Bengali polymath Rabindranath Tagore's beard must always be celebrated.

As must the headwear of the great Egyptians.

It was like the Oscars all over again at the Museum of the Mind.

Animals were never far from the action.

Do bears sit in the museums (for selfies?)

You really can’t beat a Roman costume. Who’d get through that shield?

Bishopsgate’s Badger-in-Residence has a bff.

Can you spot the artist having a whale of a time on Humberside? We can’t.

But there’s no mistaking this send-up of Grayson Perry’s colourful fashion.

Historic Environment Scotland went into the stores to dwarf a town.

And the beards and tankards were key props in Viking York.

Nudge as close as you dare to a happy pig.

It was a first date to remember for Bagpuss and Chewie.

This impressive fuzz wasn’t even fake at the home of the Chelsea Pensioners.

The Wellcome Collection’s colourful mist made for a spooky selfie.

And the NPG added a fine set of teeth to an Allen Jones portrait.

Everyone needs a kaleidoscopic eyemask.

Behind the scenes at the V&A – but it’s not enough to distract from another brilliant beard.

Tilt your head to the right to see Jack the Dog’s face properly.

Or enjoy this permanently-amused lion at the home of British architecture.

When 132 kids are in a museum, there’s bound to be a selfie or three.

Any planned exhibition with a name like Afro Supa Hero gets a Like from us.

More magical mist in the Wellcome.

Paddington had to bear the weather for his Stonehenge selfie.

And this classic is how you take selfies with animals in museums.

Great paintings, modern technology. David Hockney must be proud.

This, in case you needed clarification, is the resident bee at Rochdale Pioneers.

Two outta three (beards) ain’t bad. Name all three sitters and win a selfie stick.

Selfies can be a bit robotic. The humanoid guaranteed this one was.

ITV presenter Gavin wasn’t looking at the man in the mirror – it was just a similar coat.

Who wouldn’t love a sloth selfie?

This Tudor Queen never looks too impressed – but the selfie colours are spot on.

No amount of grimacing could match the Mars invaders in Newcastle…

…nor a horse not too far away…

And this guy has one of the best faces ever.

Snug as a bug in a scarf.

Selfies extended to 19th century seaside painters, it seems.

Is this one mocking the impenetrable Mona Lisa?

If only skeletons had red hair.

Still, selfie sticks are the future: Even birds can use them now.

Or a cameraphone.

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