Sexual Ambiguity & Role Reversal At Four Corners Gallery

By 24 Hour Museum Staff | 05 November 2007
photo of a man wearing a top hat and tail coat with high heeled shoes suspenders and stockings, stood in front of a wooden panelled wall

Lord Dashford by Julie Cook, part of her Burlesque Boyz series. © Julie Cook

Four Corners Gallery in Bethnal Green, London, is investigating role reversal, sexual ambiguity and voyeurism with a new exhibition, No Ball Games, running until December 15 2007.

It features photos and film from four female artists – Jo Broughton, Julie Cook, Moira Lovell and Charlotte Prodger – with subjects ranging from male burlesque performers to empty porn sets.

Moira Lovell’s collection of images, Playing the Field, portrays female footballers in the changing rooms directly after matches. The photos explore issues of control, femininity and power and how playing this traditionally male dominated sport is expressed within a female context.

photo of a bare chested man dressed in sunglasses and a white hat and white trousers stood in front of a wooden panelled wall

The Devil by Julie Cook, photographed at Bethnal Green Working Men's Club. © Julie Cook

Charlotte Prodger used 16mm stop frame animation to create Ras al Jinz, a dreamlike sequence featuring strange creatures made from animal bones, hiding in forests behind rocks. The focus moves in and out, revealing and obscuring them as they perform obscure, ambiguous actions.

Empty Porn Sets are the subject for Jo Broughton’s set of photos, which are accompanied by a soundtrack from live pornography film shoots. Stripped of context, the viewer has to imagine their purpose, with only the occasional sex toy or stiletto breaking up the sterile interiors.

Julie Cook’s photos were taken in the Bethnal Green Working Men’s Club, not far from Four Corners Gallery. Entitled Burlesque Boyz, the shots are of a series of male performance evenings Cook organised at the venue, giving men the opportunity to perform burlesque, aiming to reverse traditional stereotypes of erotic entertainment.

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