Politics Pays Back At DACS' Kowalsky Gallery, London

By 24 Hour Museum Staff | 02 November 2007
black and white photo of Margaret Thatcher with hands full of dirty straw

Roger Bamber, Maggie Gets Hands Dirty, May 1983. © Roger Bamber 2007

DACS, the UK’s licensing and collecting society for artists and visual creators, represents more than 50,000 individuals – so it stand to reason that the organisation can pull together a few good works for an exhibition.

Last year, DACS opened its own gallery, the Kowalsky Gallery, and it’s showing a nice ensemble of political art in there until January 31 2008.

Politics Pays Back brings together politically themed works by some of the country’s top photographers, cartoonists, illustrators and sculptors, who will at this time of year have benefitted from DACS’ ‘Payback’ licensing scheme.

political cartoon with a caricature of George W Bush toting guns and Tony Blair's head poking out of the seat of his trousers

Steve Bell, Material Breach. © Steve Bell 2007

Works on show include illustrations by Ralph Steadman, the Sunday Times’ Gerald Scarfe, the Guardian’s Steve Bell and more. Among the award winning photographers represented are Roger Bamber, Peter Dazelely, and David Hoffman.

Roger Bamber has been part of the Guardian’s celebrated photographic team for 18 years and his work has been published in every national newspaper in the UK over the course of his 42 years as a photojournalist.

Also on show are sculptures by Ekkehard Altenburger, video work by Jane Fox and an installation by Tim Shaw, whose beaten copper creatures are part of the Dionysus installation at the Eden Project.

installation of crows with bat-like wings squawking at eacch other in a white room

Tim Shaw, Parliament. © Tim Shaw 2007

The Kowalsky Gallery aims to show original work by less well-known artists as well as promoting the work done by DACS and is open by appointment (call 020 7336 8811 / email info@dacs.org.uk) and late until 9pm on Thursday December 6 2007 and January 3 2008.

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