Norman Cook and Kasabian artist Ryan Callanan in Brighton giveaway for Ink_d show

By Culture24 Reporter | 01 August 2013

Across the streets of Brighton, outside the shops and bars adored by musicians and their listeners, a set of artworks bearing the grins and carnival colours of acid house and rave have stealthily surfaced.

A photo of a smiley face engraved in a black and gold circle
© Ink_d gallery / Ryan Callanan
They were made by Ryan Callanan, an artist who, under his street artist pseudonym of RYCA, has worked with Kasabian and Fatboy Slim – better known to most locals as Norman Cook.

For rock band and DJ, Callanan has given three-dimensional immortality to lyrics and fashioned a series of works on paper in a new show at Ink_d, a gallery which stands between two of the pubs – The Fountain Head and the 3 Jolly Butchers – to have had their signs subverted in hedonistic style.

Both watering holes will be giving away works during the course of the exhibition.

More pictures:

A photo of a sign featuring a yellow smiley face
© Ink_d gallery / Ryan Callanan
A photo of a sign saying mind on my money
© Ink_d gallery / Ryan Callanan
A photo of a street sign saying like a sex machine
© Ink_d gallery / Ryan Callanan
An image of a street sign with the word dope on it
© Ink_d gallery / Ryan Callanan
A photo of a circular engraving of a smiley face
© Ink_d gallery / Ryan Callanan
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