Museums at Night 2013 In Pictures: A magical pictorial tour around the country

| 22 May 2013

From a meeting of minds at the Freud Museum to a mysterious maiden riding a unicorn at Chiltern Open Air Museum, Culture24's Museums at Night 2013 weekend had it all. Take a gentle scroll down our pictorial taster of the weekend's after-hours activities...

The Freud Museum, London

a photo of Martin Creed satring at a bust of Sigmund Freud
Martin Creed began his night at the Freud Museum by contemplating Sigmund Freud...© Photograph Chris Pensa
a photo of a man with a guitar singing in front of an audience
He then channeled his subconscious into an evening  lecture, with the help of slide projections and a bit of music© Photo Chris Pensa
Life Science Centre, Newcastle

a photo of people sing coloured glowsticks to create a light show
There were several kaleidoscopic outbreaks of colour in Newcastle...© Science at Life Flickr Stream
a photo of people making light paintings using glowing sticks
One of the most luminescent was to be found at Life Science Centre© Science at Life Flickr stream
Rochdale Pioneer's Museum and Touchstones. Rochdale

a ohoto of a crowd gathered in front of a town hall
In Rochdale they assembled outside the Town Hall for Susan Forsyth's Zusammen Choir as part of Sing Rochdale...© Andy Hirst Photo
a photo of a brass band playing outside a church
No-one was brassed off as local talents got in on the act© Andy Hirst Photo
Jerwood Gallery, Hastings

a photo of Jake Chapman leaning against a drawing of a hand on a wall in a gallery
Jake Chapman represented the Chapmans in Hastings and got stuck into an evening of art with the adults and a day of scribbling with the kids...© Courtesy Jerwood Gallery
a photo of people holding an exquisite corpse drawing
Here he is (hiding) with the winners of the best 'exquisite corpse' of the evening© Courtesy Jerwood Gallery
The Workhouse, Southwell

a photo of a group of people in ninetenth century dress
The welcome party awaiting visitors to the Workhouse was enough to strike fear into the hardiest...© National Trust / Ian Stewart
a photo of a woman in Regency style bonnet
But there were smiles all round as the evening of twilight stories was a sell out success for the popular National Trust property© National Trust / Ian Stewart
Enginuity, Iron Bridge Gorge, Shropshire

a photo of a man with two children inside a sculptural structure made from pipes
There was ingenuity aplenty at Enginuity as Julian Wild enlisted the help of the public to make a sculpture...© Courtesy Enginuity
a photo of an illuminated pipe sculpture
The incredible result was revealed when the lights went down and the sculpture glowed© Ironbridge Gorge Museums Trust
Lightnight, Liverpool

a photo of people looking at pictures on a gallery wall
From the cool contemporary galleries of Tate Liverpool...© Ben Miller
a photo of a couple wearing headphones looking down onto a lit cathedral interior
To the immersive sound and light installation at the Anglican Cathedral, LightNight lit up the whole city© Ben Miller
Manchester Museum and
a photograph of female Barbie style doll next to an old photograph of a woman
Richard Wentworth went to Manchester and created an exhibition out of donated objects...© Photo David Oates
a photo of a smiling man with glasses
hE enjoyed the experience as much as everyone else© Photograph David Oates
Bristol Museum and Art Gallery, Bristol

A photo of a girl in a gallery sitting beneath a pyramid
In Bristol visitors felt the power of Gavin Turk's pyramids© Bristol Museum and Art Gallery
a photo of some luminous pyramids suspended in a room
There was also much fun to be had in the Egyptian galleries - and the pyramid making workshops© Bristol Museum and Art Gallery
a photo pf pens, pencils and drawings on a table
Fun workshops were also the order of the evening ahead of games in the gardens and a sleepover at Kent's Powell Cotton Museum...© With permission of the trustees of the Powell-Cotton Museum
Powell Cotton Museum, Kent

a photo of children in workshop with a man
There was storytelling fun as well© With permission of the trustees of the Powell-Cotton Museum
Discovery Museum, Newcastle-upon-Tyne

a photo of a large light installation being levered into place in a large hall
At the Discovery Museum, Newcastle Late Shows visitors were treated to a beautiful light installation of plastic bottles with locally colour-coded messages in them...© Julia Vogl
a photo of a na installation made from bottles
It was all courtesy of artist Julia Vogl - and a little local help© Julia Vogl
Chiltern Open Air Museum, Buckinghamshire

a woman on a horse made up like a unicorn
And there was a unicorn spotted in the Chilterns...© Chiltern Open Air Museum
a photo of a woman on a horse parading next to a group of children
It enchanted the children and adults alike© Chiltern Open Air Museum
a woman on a horse dressed as a unicorn
How do you follow that...? Just wait until next year© Chiltern Open Air Museum

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