Gavin Turk, pyramid power and Bristol Museum and Art Gallery

By Mark Sheerin | 17 May 2012

Mark Sheerin enjoys a night beneath the pyramids of the great Pharaoh, Gavin 'Turkses' Turk, at Bristol Museum and Art Gallery.

a photo of a man sat on a carpet underneath a pyramid shape with a pot plant
Mark Sheerin takes his potted plant to Bristol for Museums at Night.
I’m sitting in a flat in Bristol with a pot plant. It is the morning after Museums at Night and, of the two of us, the plant is definitely looking the more sprightly.

But this is only to be expected. My green friend spent a few moments on a magic carpet beneath a copper-framed pyramid, said to have powers of nurturing. And he didn’t come to the pub afterwards.

The pyramids were the idea of YBA artist Gavin Turk, who supplied the gardening tip. On the night he is buzzing back and forth with a support team wrapped in silver blankets. These are said to protect them from an excess of pyramid power.

Elsewhere charged up visitors enjoy Eastern music, belly dancing, make-up and Egyptian fancy dress. There is barely room enough beneath the life enhancing pyramids. Children respond to them best of all.

Minds sharpened by occult oscillations, we wander through the museum. The tiny stuffed bats and giant stuffed eagles look all the more strange for their after hours setting.

At one point we run into a tour guide who takes us back to ancient Egypt with a set of drawings from the tomb of Seti.

We follow the progress of the deceased Pharaoh during a nocturnal voyage into the underworld, and can‘t help feel we’re having a much better evening.

Around us Bristol Museum is buzzing. Never underestimate the pyramids' magical pull.

Colour photo of an artist standing beneath a copper pyramid
Artist Gavin Turk feels the force© Cultre24
Colour photo of a pavement artist chalking an Egyptian god outside a museum
A pavement arist helps draw the crowds, no pun intended© Culture24
Colour photo of a young woman kneeling inside a copper framed pyramid
Local Hannah experiences the benefits of a pyramid© Culture24
Colour photo of a museum tour in progress
Senior Collections Officer Sue Giles offers a guided tour of one of the Museum's Egyptian exhibitions© Culture24
  • Museums at Night takes place in hundreds of venues across the UK from May 16 - May 18. See to find out more.

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