Ten artists depict Margaret Thatcher in Thatcheristic show of Iron Lady portrayals

By Culture24 Reporter | 18 April 2013

Exhibition preview: Thatcheristic, Gallery Different, London, until April 28 2013

An image of a painting of a house on a hill surrounded by dark red skies
Eleanor Lindsay-Fynn and Nadine Talalla, Maggie's Deathbed© Eleanor Lindsay-Fynn and Nadine Talalla
From Swedish painter Johan Andersson and Saatchi New Sensations winner Sarah Maple to Liverpool illustrator Carne Griffiths and veteran “artist-activist” Peter Kennard, the ten contemporary artists visualising Margaret Thatcher in this show are notable for their diversity.

Their common ground, though, comes under the watch of The Iron Lady.

“All the artists have one thing in common – we all grew up as Thatcher’s children,” reveals Ben Moore, the Director of curators Art Below.

“Some of the artists already have work at hand, like Peter Kennard, whose depiction of Thatcher is in the Tate Collection.

“But some artists, like Carne Griffiths and Matt Small, are creating work specially for the show.

“Thatcher’s death has highlighted the divide in people’s thoughts and feelings towards her.

“I hope this exhibition reflects this in a visual way.”

  • Gallery Different, Percy Street, London. Open 10am-6pm (8pm Thursday, 11am-5pm Saturday, closed Sunday and Monday). Admission free. Follow the gallery on Twitter @G_Different.

More pictures:

An image of a childlike painting of a woman and two policemen
Team Beswick and Pye, Great Britain is Great Again© Team Beswick and Pye
An image of a black pen drawing of a female politician
Carne Griffiths, Portrait of Maggie Thatcher© Carne Griffiths
An image of a photo of a female politician saluting an urban crowd
Thom Earle, The Milk Lady© Thom Earle
An image of a biblical-style painting of a woman in robes surrounded by angels and clouds
Ben Moore, On Earth as it is in Heaven© Ben Moore
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