Stuart Semple, Roni Stretch and Antoinette Wysocki team up at Mead Carney Fine Art

By Culture24 Reporter | 11 March 2013

Exhibition preview: Stuart Semple, Roni Stretch and Antoinette Wysocki, Mead Carney Fine Art, London, until March 16 2013

A colourful painting of a street scene
Stuart Semple, Fated to Pretend© Stuart Semple
When Faded to Pretend, a large-scale painting of childhood escapism gone awry, was exhibited by artist Stuart Semple in Hong Kong, it caused some controversy.

An image of a colourful oil painting of children on a street
Stuart Semple, We Could be Heroes© Stuart Semple
Semple’s aim was to interpret how children mimic their surroundings, turning a stick, for example, into a magic wand or a gun.

He’s often concerned with rioting, protests, civil unrest and the struggles of those on the fringes of society, although the print works accompanying his central piece have more to do with iconography here, adding David Bowie to his previous rock and roll depictions of Debbie Harry and Nicki Minaj.

Semple is joined by Antoinette Wysocki, a New York expressionist whose latest series draws on Buddhist ideas of impermanence with plenty of skulls and lotuses, describing painting as “my proverbial rabbit hole” through which she furrows “pathways for eyes to follow and flow through”.

Roni Stretch is also an advocate of beauty through simplicity. His dichromatic technique layers two colours over each other during several weeks.

“The face, for me, is a vehicle or entrance into the work,” he says, analysing a style which has enticed commissions from Robert Downey Jr and Oliver Stone.

“Portraiture, by definition is the recording of an individual’s appearance and personality – I don’t want to do that.”

He is, he elaborates, more interested in “the re-uniting of the non-objective and the objective”. “I look for the tension between the two.”

  • Mead Carney Fine Art, Dover Street, London. Open 10am-6pm (12pm-5pm Saturday, closed Sunday). Admission free.

More pictures:

An image of a colourful abstract painting of flowers and water
© Antoinette Wysocki
A photo of a canvas through which a person's face can be faintly seen in light blue
Roni Stretch, Madison (2013). Titanium white paynes, grey oil on canvas© Roni Stretch
A photo of a faint, cloudy painting of a face through grey and black smoke
Lila (2011). Buff titanium, titanium white, oil on canvas© Roni Stretch
A photo showing a light blue canvas through which a figure can be faintly seen
Figure. Paynes grey buff titanium, oil on canvas© Roni Stretch
A photo of a cut out heart with the words love don't die inside it
Stuart Semple, Love Don't Die© Stuart Semple
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