Wunderkammers and techno-animalism: Kinetica Art Fair returns to Ambika P3

By Culture24 Reporter | 01 March 2013

Exhibition preview: Kinetica Art Fair, Ambika P3, London, until March 3 2013

A photo of a multicoloured kinetic skeleton with a burst of fire coming from her eyes
Dianne Harris, Woman with Burning Vision (1995)© Dianne Harris
The early years of the Kinetica have familiarised everyone with the robotically unexpected, but its fifth year still springs surprises.

A photo of a kinetic work of art showing the lower half of an animal with robotic top
Tim Lewis, Pan© Tim Lewis
Fresh from New York’s American Museum of Natural Historry, Christiaan Zwanniken has made a set of interactive Wunderkammers this time, shrieking, clapping and tickling their way around a futuristic zoo of “techno-animalistic” figures which pit nature against artifice.

Nature is also on the mind of Tim Lewis, an animatronic puppeteer whose new commission for the fair follows works for the likes of Damien Hirst, British Airway and the British Council.

And Chris Levine, who uses laser, holographics and LEDs, has an even more regal list of fans, having made stuff for the Queen, Mario Testino, Cartier and Hugo Boss.

Elsewhere there are 1960s Op pieces by Italian artist Alberto Biasi, a lifesize galloping horse made out of light by Remi Brun, installations of kinetic jewellery by a trio of contributors and a smaller exhibition of the Oxygen Artist Members – a specially selected group of ten showcase artists.

More pictures:

A photo of a man silhouetted against a shiny, starshaped purple artwork against a window
AA+DLAB, Fallen Star© AA+DLAB
A photo of a woman holding up a wiry skeleton of a dinosaur against a black backdrop
Christiaan Zwanniken,Boar Suit Exoskeletal© Christiaan Zwanniken
A photo of a large circular silver timepiece against a black background
© Mad Museum
A photo of a luminous red square with light neon circles inside it against black backdrop
P Scirpa, Cubo Multispaziale Porpora (1987)© P Scirpa
A photo of a kinetic contraption consisting of wheels and rods on top of wood panels
Piotr Jedrzejewski, Swordfish© Baileybots
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