Joan Jonas invites global audience to watch out in Draw Without Looking for Tate Live

By Culture24 Reporter | 26 February 2013

Event preview: BMW Tate Live: Joan Jonas – Draw Without Looking

A photo of a group of female artists standing in a field holding up mirrors while drawing
Joan Jonas, Mirror Performance (1969)
On February 28, in the Tate’s Performance Room, a group of students will follow instructions – “draw for an audience”, “fold paper”, “make a mask” – issued by artist Joan Jonas.

A photo of a woman walking along a hall cleaning next to a dog on a skateboard
The Shape, the Scent, the Feel of Things (2006)© Dia Beacon, New York
Using her teaching notes as starting points, Jonas has recorded her commands in a poem, giving her addressees props in the form of shapes, sticks, paper, woodblocks, bells and drawing materials, working to the sound of abstract video and music.

If that sounds like a bit of a test, they’ll also know that the eyes of the world are on them via the gallery’s YouTube channel, where watching visitors are minded to chat with their fellow viewers, pass comment on social networking sites and grill the artist and curator Catherine Wood during a live question and answer session once the show is over.

Jonas has previous here: her first UK performance, The Juniper Tree at the Whitechapel, was a full 34 years ago, and it’s currently on display as part of Tate Modern’s A Bigger Splash exhibition.

Pitting the global audience as a fly on the wall, the only thing you can predict is a trick or three in store.

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