Reigning Cats and Dogs: domestic depictions at Bristol's Royal West of England Academy

By Culture24 Reporter | 14 January 2013
A photo of a man and his dog against an illustrated green background of a city street
Ben Hughes, Jim and Charlie© Ben Hughes

Exhibition preview: Reigning Cats and Dogs, Royal West of England Academy, Bristol, until March 15 2013

From Dürer and Hockney to the Chapman Brothers and Jeff Koons, an endless list of pedigree artists have chosen dogs and cats for their subject matters throughout history.

An image of a graphic illustration showing a cat inside a box surrounded by skeletons
Peter Ford, Cats Dream© Peter Ford
So perhaps it reflects something of the diversity of their predecessors that the contemporary group taking part in this artistic menagerie of domestic pets par excellence come from across the world: two – Alexander Kolokoltsev and Yuri Borovitsky – are from Russia, four (all contributing works on paper) come from Poland, and one (Emiko Aida) sends works from Japan.

Their furry depictions serve to explore historical, functional and imaginative themes, with kitsch kittens and politically-minded hounds creating a witty and playful show.

Two participants from the Academy – David Inshaw and Stephen Jacobson – also stand among more than a dozen artists under the curatorial watch of Peter Ford, offering paintings, printmaking, photography, sculpture, literature, illustrations and postcards.

  • Open 9am-5.30pm (11am-5pm Sunday). Admission £3-£4.50 (free for under-16s, unlimited re-admission to exhibition £8).

More pictures:

A photo of a work of art showing a kitten with a circular piece of gold lace round its head
Angela Lizon, Le Garcon d'Or© Angela Lizon
A photo of a family on a light blue illustration of a lounge with a black cat next to them
Ben Hughes, Family Viewing© Ben Hughes
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