Spanish artists in labyrinthine passageways for Nulla Dies Sine Linea at Crypt Gallery

By Leah Nedahl | 27 November 2012
A photo of a colourful comic book-style illustration of a woman against a devil figure
Luis Pérez Calvo, Day the World Ended (2004)© Luis Pérez Calvo

Exhibition Review: Nulla Dies Sine Linea, The Crypt Gallery, London, until December 3 2012

Nestled away in the Crypt Gallery at St Pancras Church lies a treasure trove of modern art.

The Not One Day Without a Line project showcases the drawings of 23 current Spanish artists and celebrates a range of techniques, from the simple to the complex.

There is a real diversity of medium and a playfulness as everything from sequins to video is used to show viewers the intricacy of the humble line.

The atmospheric setting – think labyrinthine passageways and stacked tombstones in dark, shadowy corners – makes for a wonderful contrast with the contemporary art.

The works on offer are varied and accessible, giving the audience a real flavour of the richness and texture of Spanish culture.

The first work visitors see on arrival is by Pedro Ramírez whose series of heart drawings, I Don’t Think you Know What Pain Is, succeed in making heartbreak seem lovely. The lines are bold and unapologetic and this work, to me, sets the bar for the rest of the exhibition.

The comic book-inspired Luis Pérez Calvo works are bold and brilliant, with reds and yellows bouncing from the pages in an attempt to avoid the Day the World Ended.

The illustrations are bursting with life and you could spend hours picking out the retro, occasionally kitsch details.

Don’t miss the Marina Núñez works. The three cosmic pieces – called Science Fiction – are beautiful, with the colours appearing almost as out of this world as the subject matter.

  • Open 12pm-6pm (5pm Sunday, closed Monday). Admission free.
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