Alan Williams' armour-plated metal rhinos enter Worthing Museum and art Gallery Garden

By Ben Miller | 08 November 2012
A photo of a large elaborate sculpture of a rhino standing upright in a gallery garden
Alan Williams' Rhino invades a Worthing garden© Hamish MacGillivray, Worthing Museum and art Gallery
Exhibition Preview: Alan Williams, Worthing Museum and art Gallery Garden, Worthing, until February 23 2013

Alan Williams is a sculptor who bends, works, heats, forges and welds recycled metal from around Sussex. His latest project is a rhino.

A photo of a large metal sculpture of a frog-like animal with a curved tail within a garden
Rodney Chameleon© Hamish MacGillivray, Worthing Museum and art Gallery
“I wanted to make a rhino as they are such heavily built creatures – almost armour plated,” he explains, having used material from a local skip this time.

“I chose to use a skip because it has similar robust armour plated features. I intended to make both elements obvious, so people look at it and see it’s a rhino made from a skip.

“Over time, the scars, scrapes, dents, seams, and welds will add character, age, and deteriorate, which also draws towards the uncertain future of the Rhino on the planet.

“You will see elements of recycling in this work and highlighting that the rhino is on the endangered species list.”

A metal owl also features. “We were so intrigued by Alan’s ideas and concept that we could not resist the opportunity to support this local artist,” says Greg Blurton, of metal donors The Rabbit Group.

“While it would be nice to have made a rabbit out of an old Rabbit skip, it seems far more fitting that a rhino, the real heavyweight of the wildlife world, should be made.

“We are thrilled with the result.”

  • Open Tuesday-Saturday 10am-5pm. Admission free. Follow the museum on Twitter @WorthingMuseum.

Watch a video about the display:

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