Tino Sehgal takes live art to the Turbine Hall in These Associations piece at Tate Modern

By Ben Miller | 16 August 2012
A photo of a male artist standing in front of groups of actors outside a big museum
© Courtesy Johnny Green
Exhibition: Tino Sehgal, Tate Modern, London, until October 28 2012

Tino Sehgal’s invasion at Tate Modern, in which a 50-strong team of actors regale visitors with stories, marks a change of direction for the Turbine Hall commission.

The 13th episode of the Unilever Series is the first to embrace live art, and the London-born artist – known for concocting “live encounters” between people – has put his background in choreography to use with revolving participants performing rehearsed sequences.

Energetic interaction is the aim, although the risk of mass bemusement sounds equally entertaining.

“Tino Sehgal’s piece has managed to fill this vast space with life and energy, using nothing but the human body and social interaction as its medium,” suggests Chris Dercon, the Director of Tate Modern.

“It transforms the museum into a biopolitical and anarchic experience.”

The break from grand sculptural gestures is clearly an important moment to the Tate.

In a series known for occasionally taking the breath away, this grounded version breathes chatter into the famous entrance space.

  • Open 10am-6pm (10pm Friday and Saturday). Admission free.
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