Glasgow's Arches host The Universe is Very big, you are Very Small, act Accordingly

By Ben Miller | 24 May 2012
A photo of a chess set on a brown table in a dark room with a small bright wall light
© Hole in my Pocket
Exhibition: The Universe is Very big, you are Very Small, act Accordingly, The Arches, Glasgow, until May 31 2012

“Basically, it’s trying to understand the concept of ‘the moment’ and ‘the present’ when viewed against the enormous backdrop of the history of the universe,” says Allistair Burt, explaining this elaborately-titled exhibition, commissioned as part of the Glasgow International Festival of Visual Art.

Burt and his accomplice, Scott Airlie, formed as Hole in my Pocket ten years ago, and their latest brainwaves touch on themes of time and place which they’ve visited before.

“In fact, the title of the show is lifted from one of the ten commandments from our previous show, Himptology [held in a Glasgow café], which explored ideas of belief and belonging,” he reflects.

“The new series consists of a set of diagram prints, a digital work and four installation and sculptural pieces. One of these installations is a secret room which can only be accessed by appointment.”

So far, so intriguing. The duo have also returned to culinary corners, hosting four performance events during the run. The “café makeover” series incorporates talks and experiences, as well as a three-course, time-themed meal.

“We’ve been told that this show is an ‘astro-geek-tastic’ exhibition which will appeal to all the budding Brian Coxes and Stephen Hawkings out there,” adds Burt.

“We were aiming more for Richard Feynman, but we’ll take what we can get.”

More pictures:

A photo of a red and white traditional circular clock mounted on a grey wall
A Stopped Clock© Hole in my Pocket
A photo of a line of possibility forking off in two different directions against a grey background
The Present is the Choice© Hole in my Pocket
A photo of a contemporary, cavernous, multi-floor arts centre with a large window
Waiting for no Man© Hole in my Pocket
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