Evolutionary David Breuer-Weil sculptures stalk Hanover Square

By Culture24 Reporter | 03 May 2012
A photo of a young woman staring at a green stone sculpture of a man in a park
Emergence comes face-to-face with the public in Hanover Square© Courtesy David Breuer-Weil
You might not expect to see four craggy homo sapiens, clad in craggy bronze and scarred by marks, drawings and scribblings, to emerge from a patch at the centre of bustling Oxford Circus.

In a monumental allusion to evolution, though, sculptor David Breuer-Weil has planted four figures in the city’s Hanover Square, emerging from the ground like Adam from the earth, their rough and smooth, potholed surfaces reflecting on the lessons learned through life.

“I often used to escape to Hanover Square to steal a few moments of thought during the tension of a working day,” says Breuer-Weil, whose invaders have been commissioned by the City of Westminster as part of a programme of temporary sculptural installations.

“It’s 300 years old, and an ideal place to install a sculpture dealing with themes of humanity – in this case, the emergence of mankind from its origins. Emergence is about timeless, even primeval, themes of birth, evolution and the origins of man.

“The sculpture is in marked contrast to the ephemeral aspects of working life in London, reminding us of something more basic and timeless.”

  • Runs until end of October 2012. Open 8am-7.30pm (times may vary). Admission free.

More pictures:

A photo of a series of giant stone sculptures of men emerging from ground in a park
The figures will visit the south-west corner of Oxford Circus for six months© Courtesy David Breuer-Weil
A photo of people woking on stone sculptures of men inside an artist studio
Breuer-Weil is perhaps best known for Projects, a series of vast canvas works which debuted at Camden Roundhouse in 2001© Courtesy David Breuer-Weil
A photo of a man in a workshop studio working on a green stone sculpture in overalls
The artist has also had monumental sculptures in Sotheby's 2010 and 2011 Beyond Limits shows at Chatsworth House© Courtesy David Breuer-Weil
A photo of men working on a series of green stone sculptures of men in a city park
Emergence is intended to reflect on the lessons of life and the passing of time© Courtesy David Breuer-Weil
A photo of men working on a series of green stone sculptures of men in a city park
Breuer-Weil's return to sculpture is expected to result in further eye-catching displays across the centre of London© Courtesy David Breuer-Weil
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