The Connect10 Vote: You choose where Ryan Gander goes for Museums at Night 2012

| 02 February 2012
a photograph of Ryan Gander
Ryan Gander is a provocative installation artist whose Artangel commission in a Hoxton warehouse provided clues for visitors to solve a mystery. You get to send him to Dorset, Oxfordshire or Suffolk for Museums at Night.

Voting is now closed. Find out where Ryan Gander will be appearing when we reveal the results of the Connect10 competition on March 7.

Oliver Holt Gallery with Sherborne Museum

The Sherborne Museum's beautiful old town setting means it can use Sherborne Abbey as a central point for a series of short tours (including a blindfolded route) in the culmination of a year of events to celebrate the life of World War II science hero Alan Turing.

They say: "Our event is all about moving knowledge and sharing it.

Ryan Gander works with associations and codes that build routes through imaginative spaces. A route through the town will be just such a passage from the real world to the world of the imagination.

The night will break both physical and ideological boundaries. Hosting Loose Associations X in the town will connect Sherborne with other grand imaginative art world spaces, culminating in a moment of collusion under the stars."

Ipswich Museum

Uniting a mansion with an elegant ancient building, Suffolk's central museum is steeped in history, having originally opened primarily as an extensive natural history collection during the 19th century.

They say: "Ryan Gander's Loose Association, Lecture 10 is a fitting learning format for our former Art School building. Experienced in a gallery setting, it will allow everyone to enjoy more unorthodox interpretations of objects and artefacts.

We want to give audiences an alternative window on history and its eclectic elements.

Other artists will be invited to lead spin-off activities throughout the building, and handling collections will allow visitors to make their own 'loose associations' between history and contemporary art."

Dorchester Abbey

A Norman abbey built on Saxon grounds during the 12th century, this Oxfordshire abbey has welcomed contemporary art installations and filming teams from television series Midsomer Murders.

They say: "Ryan would be an excellent artist for Dorchester Abbey. He could use the medieval atmosphere of Dorchester, its Abbey and its close proximity to Oxford to draw a range of 'loose associations' from our Neolithic precedents and Roman past, which have been explored in local archaeology projects.

Our history as a cathedral, monastery, and draw for pilgrims past and present, as well as our current exhibition on John Piper, would make the nave a brilliantly stimulating setting for him."

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