Grayson Perry introduces Transmitter/Receiver: The Persistence of Collage

By Ben Miller | 23 January 2012
A photo of a man staring into the camera next to a colourful ceramic vase in a gallery
© Grayson Perry
Exhibition: Transmitter/Receiver: The Persistence of Collage, The Lightbox, Woking, until March 25 2012

Based on French critic Nicolas Bourriaud's assertion that "we are no longer either passive receivers or authoritative cultural transmitters, but potentially both simultaneously," the Arts Council Collection's exploration of collage in British works is making its only appearance in the South-East at The Lightbox.

A photo of a colourful vase with faces inside it
Grayson Perry, Spirit Jar (1994). Earthenware
© Grayson Perry, courtesy the Arts Council Collection
And with a line-up ranging from Ben Nicholson and Eduardo Paolozzi to Tate favourites Richard Hamilton and Chris Ofili, this show is something of a must-see.

"It is purely put together from the collection and covers a huge range of artists," says Director Marilyn Scott, who persuaded Grayson Perry – one of the big hitters involved – to open the display.

"We have always worked closely with the Arts Council since opening five years ago. This is a really special exhibition for us."

Perry, who has created a typically striking ceramic piece, defined collage as "sifting through the forest of other people's material."

"It is in the realm of great artists such as Picasso," he added. "I see collage as being inspired by culture.

"It has become the default medium – everyone cuts and pastes and mish-mashes other people's material these days, whether digitally, on paper or through ceramics and tapestry such as myself."

  • Open Tuesday-Saturday 10.30am-5pm (11am-5pm Sunday). Admission free. Exhibition continues to The New Art Gallery, Walsall (May 4 – July 1); Usher Art Gallery, Lincoln (August – October) and Tullie House, Carlisle (March 16 – May 12 2013)

More pictures:

A photo of two men and a woman smiling in front of a vase in a case inside a gallery
Grayson Perry (left), Deputy Director of The Lightbox, Anthony Pooley (centre) and Lightbox Director Marilyn Scott take a look at Spirit Jar© Grayson Perry
A photo of a picture of a man and a woman embracing in black and white with a photo of a rural landscape stuck on top of it
John Stezaker, Pair V (2007). Collage
© John Stezaker, courtesy Arts Council Collection
A photo of four black squares on wheels with different, brightly-coloured coloured screens at their centre
David Batchelor, I Love King's Cross and King's Cross Loves Me, 5 (2001). Metal, acrylic and enamel
© David Batchelor, courtesy Arts Council Collection
An image of a collage of a young woman's face in black and white with red lipstick and a fork and spoon covering her eyes
Linder, Untitled (1981). Collage
© Linder, courtesy Arts Council Collection
A photo of a group of young people inside a gallery
Perry and a group of young curators enjoyed the opening of Transmitter/Receiver
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