"Obsessive, mordant and morbid" Glamourie sends 26 artists to Project Space Leeds

By Ruth Hazard | 13 January 2012
A photo of a sculpture of coloured letters made from fabric
David Steade, Glamourie© David Stead

Exhibition: Glamourie, Project Space Leeds, Leeds, January 14 – March 31 2012

Project Space Leeds brings together the work of 26 contemporary British artists in a new exhibition described by its curator, David Steans, as “strange, pathetic, obsessive, mordant and morbid”.

Glamourie, named after a word used in Celtic magic, focuses on the themes of ritual, ceremony and appropriation to showcase a broad range of artistic practice.

PSL invite visitors to immerse themselves in a distinctive exhibition featuring
Ant Macari’s Ruach HaShema (Brain of God), where the audience enter the piece through a cut-out silhouette of Michelangelo’s The Creation of Adam.

Other pieces include Joseph Lewes’ handmade hurdy-gurdy, built in the shape of the Church, which visitors are encouraged to play for themselves.

The exhibition will also display giant cardboard heads, a crashed car and a ceremonial bowl, all shown for the first time at the space.

An artist and 2007 graduate of Leeds Met University, Steans says he approached the project “like an artwork.”

“Glamourie focuses on shared interests and sympathies rather than an individual theme,” he explains.

“I always wanted the exhibition as a whole to have a character, or an atmosphere of its own.”

Project Space has a reputation for discovering, nurturing and exhibiting young artists and curators, making it a natural venue for a show of this kind.
“We provide a space where people can discover work and artists who would not be shown in a more conventional public gallery setting,” says co-director Kerry Harker.

“I urge anyone with a passion for talent and fresh thinking in contemporary art to see this show.

“These artists are on the cusp of breaking through into the mainstream and Glamourie is a fantastic opportunity to see their work, all in one place.”

More pictures from the show:

A photo of some material nailed to a wall
© Kitty Clark
A photo of a small Church sculpture
© Joseph Lewes
A photo of a toilet surrounded by plants
© Joseph Buckley
A photo of the outside of Oakwood gallery
© Matthew Crawley

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