Meet the Connect10 artist: Terry O'Neill

| 09 January 2012
a black and white studio portrait photograph of a man with glasses
© Terry O'Neill
Introducing the Connect10 artists taking part in the exciting new competition for Museums at Night 2012...

The modern age of carefully-cultivated celebrity brands and stage-managed shoots may leave him cold, but Terry O'Neill's dedication to classic iconography is part of his genius.

Originally joining British Airways as a technical photographer with a dream of being a jazz drummer, he wound up snapping The Beatles and the Rolling Stones in swinging sixties London, using pioneering techniques on 35mm film and sharing more than the occasional shot glass with his rock and roll subjects.

After moving to Hollywood as a precocious 24-year-old, he worked with Fred Astaire, Shirley MacLaine and, for more than 20 years, Frank Sinatra, who he was introduced to by Ava Gardner.

Brigitte Bardot dazzled him in an era when the stars he shot for international magazine covers had "much more individuality". He names Audrey Hepburn as his most photogenic subject, and Eric Clapton and Michael Caine as two of his favourites to work with these days.

Terry cites his interests as jazz, music, World War II and the Blitz, football (he is an avid Chelsea fan), food, public transport (he is a loyal customer of London buses) and athletics.

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Terry O'Neill's photographs:

a photo of a woman reclining in a poolside chair with newspapers strewn on the ground and an Oscar statuette on the tablke in front of her
Faye Dunaway after the Oscars (March 29 1977)
a photo of a suited Frank Sinatra walking across a decking and sunbathing area full of sunbathers escorted by a group of men in dark glasses
Frank Sinatra with his stand-in and bodyguards arriving on set Miami Beach (1968)© Terry O'Neill
a photograph of woman in an animal skin bikini on a crucifix
Raquel Welch in a publicity shot for 1 Miliion Years BC (1969)© Terry O'Neill
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