Meet the Connect10 artist: Jon McGregor

| 09 January 2012
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Introducing the Connect10 artists taking part in the exciting new competition for Museums at Night 2012...

From Man Booker Prize nominations for his debut novel to essays on his father in broadsheets and diaries from the Antarctic adapted by dance companies, Jon McGregor is one of the most exciting crafters of language in Britain today.

His ambition to become "an anonymous recluse" for the sake of people concentrating solely on his work – "the only thing which ultimately matters" – hasn't put anyone off adoring his way with words.

The Guardian Weekend, Channel 4's TV Bookclub, Latitude Festival, Arts Council England and the University of Nottingham (who gave him an honorary doctorate and lecturing role in English Studies) are all fans of his work.

The Bermuda-born 35-year-old will use photos, videos, maps, a suitcase full of props and the mysterious works which adorn his latest book, This Isn't the Sort of Thing That Happens to Someone Like you, for an hour-long short story performance.

The results should be memorable.

Jon will to appear on Friday the 18th of May, and will present a one-hour short story performance

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a book cover for Jon McGregor's Even the Dogs
A book cover for Jon McGregor's This isn't the sort of thing that happens to someone like you.
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