Christian Marclay and Mat Collishaw storm into Ron Arad’s Curtain Call at the Roundhouse

By Culture24 Reporter | 24 August 2011
A photo of a circular screen in a darkened room showing a hand playing a piano
Christian Marclay, Pianorama© Stephen White
Ron Arad’s Curtain Call programme of audio-visual cataclysms at the Roundhouse plunges the space into cinematic darkness tonight (August 24 2011) when Pianorama – a live piano performance by Christian Marclay – gets projected into the huge central circular space.

It provides a mood-ramping build-up to Sordid Earth, Mat Collishaw’s apocalyptic-sounding surge of organic decay in the eye of a tropical thunderstorm, screened on Arad’s 360-degree interactive installation.

A photo of drooping tropical plants under the black skies of a thunderstorm
Mat Collishaw, Sordid Earth© Mat Collishaw
Arad says audiences will be captives and creators, crossing the images and sounds to venture inside the cylinder.

“The Roundhouse main space has been the setting for all sorts of brave, influential work over the years,” says Marcus Davey, the Camden venue’s Artistic Director.

“But this is the first time that an installation of such physical scale and creative scope has been staged.

"Ron's remarkable project marries experimental design with live performance.”

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