Emerging Artists Create Discord At London's Temporary Contemporary

By Richard Moss | 25 November 2005
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shows a black and white montage of a man bending over on a concrete surface with corrugated and wire fences in the background

Picture © DISCORD

The current show at Temporary Contemporary in Deptford is DISCORD; a group offering that showcases emerging artists from St Martins College of Art and the Royal College of Art in London.

Although ‘showcasing’ is not perhaps the right word. This loose aggregation of about twenty artists, representing work in a variety of mediums - from film, installation, painting and sculpture, is unlabeled.

shows a screen with a girl on it in front of which hangs a dress that casts a shadow across the screen

Picture © 24 Hour Museum

“We didn’t want it to be like an advert,” explains the notional curator cum organiser Dylan Atkins. “Because there are 20 artist in this show - we didn’t want to clutter it.”

The result is an exhibition where the art is left to speak for itself and, far from being off-putting, the lack of labelling allows a certain freedom to roam - to take in the art for what it is.

Accordingly paintings rub shoulders with video installations, which in turn give way to floor installations and prosthetic menageries – a bondage crown here, a rubber cleavage with trees growing out of it over there.

shows a crown made out of black plastic and rubber

Picture © 24 Hour Museum

“None of the artists have any intention of being polite to each other within the show. We agree to disagree,” offers the group’s press release, which also goes on to state: “Curators are not the new priests.”

In a corner a large screen has a small girl performing a slow pirouette whilst her sparkly dress casts shadows across her. Nearby a small monitor charts the attempts of a man in a flying helmet to launch a small concrete aeroplane.

The intention seems to be to eschew theorising and to present the artist as curator. Any juddering clashes that may result - amidst the sex and the death, the paintings and the videos - are, refreshingly, encouraged.

shows a gallery wall with drawings, paintings and photgraphy hung on it. A small monitor can be seen in the centre and a model of two breasts can be seen in the corner

Picture © 24 Hour Museum

Temporary Contemporary has over the last year presented a series of innovative art projects, and during each month throughout 2005 a different kind of event or exhibition has been staged. Each has been guaranteed to be as contemporary and as temporary as the last. DISCORD continues this eclectic approach admirably.

DISCORD is open Thursday to Sunday, 12pm – 6pm between November 24 and December 4 at Temporary Contemporary, Old Seager Distillery, Deptford.

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