Art Straight To Your Inbox From The Centre Of Attention

By Smita Patel | 19 August 2002
In the distance frogs croak in the mountain rice field by Sylvie Fleury.

Left: In the distance frogs croak in the mountain rice fields, Sylvie Fleury.

Smita Patel made herself the Centre of Attention at one of London's most innovative galleries.

Getting art to the masses is a tricky problem for most galleries, but not at The Centre Of Attention.

From August 12, until September 16, this gallery will run a once-weekly email art exhibition, emailing work by several artists to subscribers who visit their website.

The Centre of Attention does not have one location housing art, but exhibits around the capital, providing an eclectic group of artists the opportunity to showcase their skills.

Established in 1999, it does have a location in central London that houses many works, but most are shown across the city and, more importantly, online.

Recipients of email art will receive work from Jenny Holzer, Ken Friedman, Sylvie Fleury, Simon Poulter and Simon Faithfull and also have the opportunity to submit something themselves, which may win them the chance to join the aforementioned artists as a contributor to the concept.

Directors, Gary O' Dwyer and Pierre-Alexandre Coinde feel the idea will explore issues such as "the links between Mail Art and E-mail Art, the Internet as a medium for communicating art, the e-mail as an art product."

An obvious advantage of receiving art via the Internet is its accessibility from anywhere in the world. Electronic art, and The Centre of Attention as a whole, may go some way to exploding the myths many people hold about art and art lovers, and may even convert non-gallery types.

The five contributing artists, who work from various parts of the globe, all have an interest in providing art through differing media, whether it's via a t-shirt, live performance or digital media and the net.

The Centre Of Attention has enabled them to show a greater number of people what they can do, and will hopefully encourage budding artists to submit to the site.

The site is well worth a look, subscription is free and the exhibition provides a great opportunity for those wanting to view or enter the race to be the sixth artist to have his her work shown around the world.

To sign up for the exhibition or just get more details visit the website by clicking here.

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