"MK G" opens with Gilbert & George

| 08 October 1999
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Milton Keynes's new art gallery has opened with the world premiereof Gilbert & George's new exhibition, `Rudimentary Pictures'.

The new gallery is part of the city centre's £30 million artscomplex which includes a theatre and creates a new area next to themain shopping centre known as Theatre District, designed by theBlonski Heard Architects.

The MK G, as it is becoming known, is devoted to contemporary art,offering three galleries. It will offer 8-10 exhibitions a yearcovering arts, design, architecture and popular culture, and admissionis free.

The project has been paid for with a £20 million National Lotterygrant and further funding from English Partnerships and localfund-raising.

`Rudimentary Pictures' comprises 33 new works by the pair,exploring such themes as alienation, sex, race and humanexistence. "They deal with the thoughts and feelings that lie withinus all and with the issues that confront us daily" Gilbert and Georgesaid. "Our cities, your tears, their money, the rain, our sexuality,your sweat, their views are all in `Rudimentary Pictures'.

"The mere mention of the name Milton Keynes brings a smile ofenthusiasm to the faces of our younger friends. It is very importantthat this young Space Station of a city now has a building devoted tocontemporary culture."

The exhibition runs until January 9, and the MK G showing will be theonly opportunity to see it in Europe before it transfers to a LosAngeles gallery.

For information, ring 01908 676900.

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