In Pictures: The V&A's new Furniture Gallery

By Culture24 Reporter | 29 November 2012
A photo of a stack of wood next to a gold-rimmed mirror in a modern furniture gallery
The Dr Susan Weber Gallery© V&A images

Funded by an anonymous donor, the V&A’s new Furniture Gallery unites some of the interior furnishings visitors have seen across the gallery throughout the decades.

A photo of a carving of an intricate brown coloured piece of ornate designer furniture
Cradle designed by Richard Norman Shaw (circa 1861)© V&A images
Six centuries of work are covered. There are more than 200 "outstanding" pieces from Britain and Europe, stretching from the Middle Ages to contemporary designs.

A photo of a decadent gold and green four-legged designer table with swirling designs
Table from Warwick Castle (circa 1670-80)© V&A images
Some of the objects have been hidden for more than 30 years. A scagiola table dates from Warwick Castle’s 17th century look, and a gilded cassone was made for the Duke of Urbino in about 1509.

A photo of an ornate chest-like box with carvings of various figures on a red outline
Tristan and Isolde casket, northern Europe (circa 1350-70)© V&A images
The gallery has a striking design dotted with conservation examples and analysis. Bureaux, cabinets, wardrobes, clocks, mirrors and screens provide some of the quirkier exhibits.

A photo of a contemporary furniture gallery with white walls and wooden floorboards
British, European, American and Asian furniture appears© V&A images
Innovative digital labels and touchscreen interfaces aim to inspire visitors. And a central, chronologically-ordered display will highlight 25 “key pieces” from the collection, as well as a newly-commissioned seating installation by contemporary designer Gitta Gschwendtner.

A photo of a contemporary gallery carrying various bits of furniture with wood flooring
The gallery will tell the story of how furniture has been made and decorated for 600 years© V&A images
  • Opens December 1 2012.
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