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a drawing of a female nude sitting with legs crossed on a folding chair

Drawing the Nude: Pallant House traces the journey of the nude since Manet's Olympia

Pallant House is looking at the way artists have captured the nude since Édouard Manet’s ‘Olympia’ challenged viewers with a new kind of nakedness in 1865.

A photo of a small outdoor garden

Magna Carta and World War Two to Edo Japan and Yorkshire ale: Six small gardens at the Chelsea Flower Show

With the RHS Chelsea Flower Show 2015 about to open to the public, take a look at six small artisan gardens created in the grounds by horticultural artists.

A heavily made up white portrait of Malcolm X taken made by an anonymous child from an afrocentric colouring book

Artists come from such strange places: Glenn Ligon talks abstraction, discrimination and Nottingham Contemporary

New York artist Glenn Ligon tells Culture24 about his first curatorial project, which brings diverse influences together for Nottingham Contemporary show Encounters and Collisions

a photograph of a hand embroidering an image of a medieval pope

A Magna Carta for the common(s) people: Cornelia Parker's Wikipedia Embroidery unveiled at British Library

Cornelia Parker’s major embroidery installation of Magna Carta is about to go on display at the British Library - here's a sneak preview.

a watercolour and collage of a bridge with road and surrounding buildings

The linocuts, prints and paintings of Peter Clayton at the Attenborough Centre in Leicester

An exhibition at the Attenborough Arts Centre showcases the work of artist and teacher Peter Clayton, whose work with the Leicester Print Workshop has inspired students and the public.

a semi abstract portrait of a woman

NPG promises to reveal the "double life" of Giacometti the portraitist in autumn exhibition

The first ever exhibition to consist mainly of portraits by Alberto Giacometti is to open at the National Portrait Gallery this autumn.

a painting of a woman revealing her left breast

Duke of Wellington's collection of suspect Titians proved to be genuine

Three paintings given to the first Duke of Wellington, previously attributed to later followers of Titian, have been revealed as the work of the 16th century Venetian artist himself and his studio.

a painting of a man and woman reclining toghether in a garden

Cecile Walton's idyllic double portrait hints at the tangled lives of Scottish artists at the SNPG

A beautiful double portrait by the celebrated Edinburgh painter Cecile Walton is an intriguing highlight of a new exhibition opening at the Scottish National Portrait Gallery this summer.

a painting of a young man and a woman riding a dove holding a banner

William Scott's Victory 1945: A poignant memento of VE Day

William Scott's Victory 1945 offers “a poignant memento of VE Day,” say the William Scott Foundation, who are highlighting the wartime lithograph for the 70th anniversary of the Allied victory in ......

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