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A photo of a woman looking at a painting of a dog inside a gallery

Curator's Choice: Jo Hatton chooses a taxidermy toy terrier at London's Horniman Museum

Jo Hatton, Keeper of Natural History at the Horniman Museum and Gardens in London, on a taxidermy toy terrier in an exhibition curated by artist Mark Fairnington, opening this weekend.

a photo of a black pot with a floral decoration

Pot of the Week: The Bell Ringer's Jug of St Giles Church, Newcastle-under-Lyme

There's a strong sense of social history in our Pot of the Week - a bell ringer's jug, which in 1825 helped local bell ringers drink 150 litres of beer at the Mayor’s expense.

A photo of a 15th century

Curators find faint ancient writing on back of "recycled" medieval Judas painting covered in dirt and faeces

A rare surviving church painting from the medieval period, conserved by the Fitzwilliam Museum after arriving covered in dirt, varnish and faeces, could have listed the ten commandments on its......

A photo of a woman sitting in a dimly lit exhibition space

Style and craft: Five top designs from The Fine Art of Furniture

From Celtic revival chairs to carved 18th century tables, see five of the best from the newly-opened Ulster Museum exhibition.

A photo of a piece of graffiti artwork showing two boys and the words we are what you make

Victoria Beckham's Barbed Wire Love painting goes on public display in Brangelina artist's Bournemouth show

Dom Pattinson - artist to Brangelina, Victoria Beckham and AFC Bournemouth - presents a solo exhibition with a sprinkle of celebrity stardust at Bournemouth's Westover Gallery.

A photo of a dark ink scribble on a sheet of light brown paper

Archive containing Lucian Freud's childhood drawings kept by mother to go on public show at National Portrait Gallery

Studies of some of Lucian Freud's most important artworks could go on public display next summer after being allocated to London's National Portrait Gallery.

a photo of a man in quasi Egyptian clothes with a silver orb suspended above his head

Sun Ra travels the jazz spaceways at Nottingham Contemporary

The first exhibition in the UK devoted to the work of Sun Ra, the legendary jazz musician and Afro-Futurist, aims to present him as a “total artist” at Nottingham Contemporary.

a drawing of a small face in the folds of a gown held by larger hands

The Drawing Year: The Royal Drawing School postgraduate exhibition

A selection of drawings from the Royal Drawing School’s postgraduate programme, The Drawing Year 2014–15.

Pablo Picasso's glass goat briefly revealed to public alongside robot Japanese bartender

A rare glass sculpture by Pablo Picasso, depicting a goat and created by a Venice glassmaker in 1954, has gone on display at the National Museum of Scotland.

A photo of a young female performer, Elaine Mitchener, holding her head in her hands

Artist's Statement: Classically-trained vocal artist Elaine Mitchener on privacy and intimacy

Classically-trained vocal artist Elaine Mitchener has worked with everyone from Sonia Boyce to Goldie. Her latest work, Industrialising Intimacy, is all about our loss of privacy and the strength of......

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