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Photo of a necklace made from a meteorite

The 4.5 billion-year-old space rock which can be yours to own: Artist puts fragment of Russian meteor on eBay

A necklace made from a fragment of the Chelyabinsk Russian meteor, which fell to earth in 2013, is being auctioned after forming part of a contemporary artwork Baetylus at Sunderland's Northern Gallery.

a photo of a green pot with corners and yellow top.

Alison Britton: Content and Form traces 40 years of maverick ceramics at the V&A

The V&A presents a survey of work by the influential British potter Alison Britton, spanning her career over the last 40 years and featuring more than 60 pieces.

A photo of the ornate interior of a Jacobean mansion

Inside the exotic Chinese Drawing Room at Temple Newsam, Leeds's Tudor-Jacobean country mansion

With its handpainted wallpaper, the Chinese Drawing Room at the Tudor Jacobean mansion of Temple Newsam is one of Leeds’s most lavishly decorated rooms.

Picture of George IV stroking his giraffe

Curator's Choice: Dr Alexandra Loske on George IV and his cherished giraffe at Brighton’s Royal Pavilion

The Exotic Creatures exhibition At Brighton's Royal Pavilion gives an intriguing insight into early menageries and zoos. See George IV’s ‘liger’ painting for the first time and uncover the......

A photo of a man standing in a tattoo shop wearing a stern expression

Tattoo London: The Museum of London is about to go inside the studios of four of the city's best tattoo artists

Original art, new works made by tattooists for the exhibition and photography and film aim to show life as a London tattoo artist in the major new Museum of London show.

A photo of colourful balls of knitwear

Artist's Statement: Becky Dodman on psychedelic contemporary knitting and the 90s dance and rave scene

With an interest in the transition from the old to the new, artist Becky Dodman's Metamorphosis project creates knitwear reflecting British neo-paganism and ritualistic ceremonies.

A photo of a sculptor of the politician winston churchill

Winston Churchill, Barbara Hepworth, a boar, a donkey and a gorilla: 16 UK public art sculptures

As Historic England announces listed status for dozens of post-war sculptures, here are 16 of them to look out for.

a photo of two people peeling a large print from a template on the floor outside

Ditchling Museum launches "slightly bonkers" plan to make massive prints with vintage steamroller

Anthony Burrill, Angie Lewin and Rob Ryan are about to take a massive steam roller across Southern England as Ditchling Museum of Art + Craft launches its Big Steam Print campaign.

a photo of a bear's skull made out of felt

Black Sheep: Artists explore The Darker Side of Felt at Forty Hall

Forty Hall opens its exhibition programme for 2016 with an exploration of the edgier side of one of the most ancient constructed textiles - felt.

#Museumselfie: 43 of the best photos taken in the UK

From Paddington Bear and resident Rochdale bees to Roman costumes and whales, here are some of the photos which helped take Twitter by storm.

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