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ASC Gallery has moved to its new venue just off East street market.Se17 from its previous venue on Blackfriars road.It runs a series of 5 exhibitions annually with artist talks and workshops linked to shows.
The first show here is by artists Ian Dawson and Louisa Minkin titled Taplow House.They will present results from their own partial exavacation of 30 year old dormant shop units on the Heygate Estate where the gallery is situated.For 10 days in the summer of 2014 they mapped these long dead shops and in ASCs newly refurbished gallery fragments of these time capsules will form the foundation of their installation.

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Gallery, Artist studio or collective

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monday to friday.9.30am to 5.30pm

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Getting there

By train to elephant and castle.By bus 343,42,176,12.

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Muscle Memory - Andrew Sunderland

Muscle Memory| Andrew Sunderland

  • 18 January — 18 March 2016 *on now

“Humans were slow to adapt. They desired the new, but unable to efficiently produce it at increasing speed they became dependent on strategies of replication and appropriation. They rewired their cognitive abilities to ameliorate, instead becoming trapped in closed feedback loops of producing. Endlessly producing by means of customization.

Content, indeed all matter, became viscous and infectious: material to mould and to reform, to produce and reproduce desire; to spread. This virus affected the human beings circadian rhythms and cognition, producing a mass mechanized output of cognitive labour on a scale previously unimaginable.

All bodies became producers of content. Their flesh: a terminal receptor to input and output this content. Their minds; long had those been outsourced to a centralized machine whose operations facilitated communications between nodes.

Over time this resulted in mass ecophagy. Human beings became bots harvesting to simply self-replicate ideas, to (re)produce, and to churn all matter into a mass of wet, sticky, ‘grey goo’.”

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  • Any age


Getting there

By train to elephant and castle.By bus 343,42,176,12.

ASC Gallery
Chaplin Centre,Thurlow street
Greater London
SE17 2DG





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