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We Are What We Do is a global movement that believes it's not just politicians, institutions and big businesses that can change the world - ordinary people can do it too.

There are loads of small things we can all do everyday. We call them Actions. Little things like turning off the tap when you're brushing your teeth, taking your own bag to the supermarket or teaching your granny to text. They might seem small and insignificant on their own, but their effect can be massive. If we all do them regularly, we can have a huge impact on many of the environmental and social problems we are facing.

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Change the World at school resources


How about getting your school to join the We Are What We Do movement and change the world from your classroom?
Using the We Are What We Do at School section of our website, you can cover a whole load of curriculum topics and skills, from developing personal learning and thinking skills, to getting your students musing about sustainable development and community wellbeing. You can prep for geography, citizenship, English... You name it, we've got it covered.
You could also get them working in groups to track actions, or encourage them to be the next Picaso or Speilberg by making posters, films, and other campaign materials to inspire others.
We bet your students will love being shown they

Green Day activities


On the We Are What We Do website, you'll find loads of things to do to get your school involved in Green Day and to record and show off all your achievements. You can explore our actions for ideas of simple, everyday things you can do to make your school greener. You can show the world what you've been doing as part of Green Day by writing comments and posting photos and films. You can use our action tracker to compete to see which is the greenest school.



Historypin is a website that allows people to view and share their personal history in a totally new way. Using Google Maps and Street View, Historypin allows millions of people from all over the world to share old images and the stories behind them. As they are dated, mapped and layered onto modern Street View scenes, these images will create a digital time machine that enables users to drop into communities anywhere all over world, at any point over the last 150 years.
Go to the Schools section of www.historypin.com for lots of ideas on how to use Historypin in the classroom.

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