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At the dawn of the Southdown’s National Park, the Time Machine ™ sits at the very foot of it. The building itself comes from the block work recovered from the Cathedral collapse in 1850. You can actually see the jigsaw puzzle that made the spire and unlike the cathedral masonry work, the chapels is un-restored, you can actually see the saw makes, when the blocks where cut 800-900 years ago, without going to the dizzy height of the spire.

The TM is all about time and space, we all live in it, but time itself immeasurable. Traditional clocks measure gravity, which we know exists, but not what it is. The exhibits are arranged as experimental pods, and are used to demonstrate certain phenomenon .

The concept of time travel is explored, by getting into the mindset of the ancient civilisations, by playing the GO ‘game’, to exploring archive and predictions, to the development of the first time machine, which is a major challenge. One way we can all do time travel, is in what makes us wonderful, the imagination, but what about reality?

Time is everything, without it we become just an infinitely small instance in history, a photograph frozen in time. Without time there is nothing. The very movement of the earth in the solar system, galaxy and universe, means that it does not stand still. Time and space is like measuring jelly with an elastic band. One thing is for sure, when you explore the concept of time at the TM, you will certainly enjoy it.

The vast collection, from a 6ft mechanical octopus, to the laughing Politian’s, to the large collection of time transmitters, offers something for everybody. The garden facility being developed will form a time walk. The Time Machine is also ever changing, with different projects all the time, when you not at the TM, you will be wondering what we are doing.

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Science centre, Association or society

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We are open 7 days a week, from 9.00-5.00. We do do evening events with the telescopes. Please always phone before making a special journey or group booking.

Closed: Please Phone for details or email us.

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We have no entrance charge we rely on the income from the refreshment area and donations.

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If you have any specific requirments please phone.

The collection comprises of master clocks that synchronised society. First by transmitting time over wires and then radio signals.

This heritage is only part of the collection, in the main collected because the application of science made simple. Thus showing the practical value of science.

Gillette and Johnston
English Clock System
Kent of Luton
Gents of leicester
International Time Machines
Telephone Rentals

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Trade and Commerce, Social History, Science and Technology, Land Transport, Industry, Film and Media, Design

Key artists and exhibits

  • Synchronome
  • Gillette and Johnston
  • English Clock System
  • Kent of Luton
  • Gents of leicester
  • Pulsnetics
  • National
  • International Time Machines
  • Telephone Rentals

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