Liverpool Metropolitan Cathedral

Architects throughout the world were invited in 1960 to design a Cathedral for Liverpool which would relate to the existing Crypt, be capable of construction within five years, cost at the current prices no more than one million pounds for its shell, and most important of all, express the new spirit of the liturgy then being radically reformulated by the Second Vatican Council.

Of 300 entries from all over the world, Sir Frederick Gibberd's (1908-1984) design was chosen, and building began in October 1962. Less than five years later, on the Feast of Pentecost, 14 May 1967, the completed Cathedral was consecrated.

People often ask 'Why "Metropolitan"?' One obvious answer is that Liverpool is fortunate enough to possess two mighty symbols of the Christian faith in the two Cathedrals which face each other at opposite ends of the aptly-named Hope Street. Both are dedicated to Christ: the Anglican one to Christ and the Blessed Virgin and the Catholic one to Christ the King, so it helps avoid confusion to refer to one as 'Liverpool Cathedral' and the other as 'The Metropolitan Cathedral.'

But the term "Metropolitan" indicates a wider remit than just Liverpool or indeed Merseyside, for this building is the seat (Greek 'Cathedra') of the Archbishop of Liverpool who is the spiritual leader of all the faithful of the Northern Province of the Catholic Church in England comprising seven dioceses in all.

Venue Type:

Sacred space

Opening hours

08.00-18.00 daily
08.00-17.00 Sundays in winter.

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Educational Visits to Liverpool Metropolitan Cathedral

The Education Service welcomes enquiries at any time from schools, colleges, and universities keen to bring pupils to learn in the Cathedral. Pupils may be present at a regular service during their visit and experience a community at prayer. They may participate in a service, perhaps to celebrate a recent First Holy Communion or Confirmation.
Teachers may wish to prepare a short meditation and lead their pupils in an act of worship.

How to obtain

Teachers and student teachers are invited to ring the Cathedral on 0151 709 9222, to make an appointment with the Organiser of the SVS, Miss May Gillet. She can discuss tailoring a school visit to your needs, and show you around the Cathedral in preparation.

Online Tours of Liverpool Metropolitan Cathedral

On our website you will find a Flash tour, providing photographs and information about many areas of the Cathedral. There is also a virtual tour including panoramic photographs of the Cathedral. (These are up to 140K in size and can be zoomed using the menu on the java applet.)

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