Shree Sanatan Mandir

Hindus have settled in Leicester since the 1950s. At first there were only Bhajan Mandals, where Hindus met at people’s homes on auspicious days, and therefore there was a need for a permanent temple for Hindu worship.

In 1969, prominent preacher Ram Bhakta arrived in Leicester and formed a group to start work on a temple. He became a founder patron member of the temple. In 1974 Radha Krishna Murtis were installed. This took place with the installation of Ganeshji and Hanumanji Murtis. In 1977 Lord Shiva, Amba Ma and Ved Bhagvan shrines were installed. In 1984 Ram Darbar Murtis were installed with Jalarambapa arriving in 1985.

These extensive years saw a complete temple established for full worship by the Hindus of Leicester and it soon became centre of worship recognised all over the United Kingdom.

Full renovation and expansion in May 2001 has made it a very attractive and inviting place for devotees and visitors. The marble temples housing the deities have specially been designed and transferred from India. The intricate patterns, designs and symbols all tell a story of their own. Today it is a large, extraordinary and beautiful temple designed for all forms of congregational worship and also serving wider functions.

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Sacred space

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Tours of Shree Sanatan Mandir

The mandir provides tours for any individual or groups of people who wish to know more about the temple and Hinduism.
Morning visits usually start at 9:45am where groups arrive in time for the 10:00am aarti ceremony, followed by a tour of the temple with talks on Hinduism and a question and answer session. (However please note that visits may vary from time to time.)
Afternoon visits can commence any time after 3:30pm when the temple re-opens after lunch.

How to obtain

Visits can be booked by calling 0116 266 1402 or emailing, however we also provide an online booking service for easy access to more people.

Shree Sanatan Mandir
84 Weymouth Street




0116 266 1402

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