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Edinburgh Sculpture Workshop was set up in 1987 by a group of sculptors to provide workspace and support for artists and to promote access to sculpture and visual arts.

From the beginning our key aims were to support artists in their careers and encourage public engagement with the processes involved in sculpture and these aims continue to shape our core programme.

In 2004 we received funding from the Scottish Arts Council National Lottery Awards and the City of Edinburgh Council towards the development of a new build project which will see the first purpose-built open access sculpture facility in the United Kingdom being created on our current site.

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  • 31 July — 29 August 2015

Edinburgh Sculpture Workshop presents Thresholds, a collaborative project between the artist Toby Paterson, curator Judith Winter and Maggie’s Cancer Caring Centres.

Both artist and curator were drawn to develop the project through their personal and professional interest in the founding ethos of Maggie’s Centres, and the idea of exploring a new model of living and working that does not separate art from life. The resultant series of constructed reliefs presented at Edinburgh Sculpture Workshop focus on the process of making through direct experiences with people and places, echoing the sensibility of Maggie’s Centres themselves. Brought together in a single exhibition at Edinburgh Sculpture Workshop for the duration of the festival, the reliefs will be carefully re-located following the conclusion of the exhibition, one in each of the Maggie's Centres across Scotland. They will exist quietly as a family of ‘things’ specific to each location, but connected through a shared experience.

Paterson works in a variety of forms, from large-scale architectural wall-painting and sculptural assemblages to small paintings and constructions that are informed by the work of international and British constructivists such as Victor Pasmore and Mary Martin. His most recent exhibitions Soft Boundary (The Modern Institute, Glasgow) and An Experiment in Total Environment (DLI) have also evolved through a similarly reciprocal approach.



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Clay portrait and clay figure, with Duncan Robertson

  • 21 April — 16 June 2015

Learn traditional methods of handling clay, and human proportions, with these courses in clay modelling. The first and third terms’ courses concentrate on the portrait bust, and the second on the human figure.

Students will work with a model for the first eight sessions of each course. Once the clay has dried (around four weeks), the finished works will be fired at Edinburgh Sculpture Workshop.

Taking palce Tuesday evenings





Stone carving, with Alex Lopez

  • 22 April — 17 June 2015
  • 23 April — 18 June 2015

Using limestone, a relatively soft stone, students will learn to translate their ideas using traditional hand carving techniques and about the tools used to achieve various surface textures, and produce a stone sculpture in three dimensions. Finishing techniques and methods for presentation of finished pieces will be discussed in the later classes.

Taking place Wednesday evenings (22 April to 17 June), and Thursday evenings (23 April to 18 June)





Introduction to small contemporary sculpture, with Hans Clausen

  • 25 April — 2 May 2015

This is a new course running over 2 days, researching, experimenting and producing a small scale piece of contemporary sculpture. There is no specific material palette for this course but it will be led by an interest and curiosity in recovered, recycled and appropriated materials, and the use of found and ready-made objects. The course will encourage experimentation and ambition and participants will be free to challenge notions of ‘sculpture’ and ‘scale’.

Day one will introduce a range of sculptural approaches and techniques, looking in particular at artists and art movements who have questioned conventions around materials and making and exhibiting techniques. Definitions and concepts of contemporary sculpture will be explored through some guided ‘looking’ and ‘making’ exercises. On the second day students will be encouraged to develop their own sculptural ideas drawing on inspiration and influences from day one and working with their personal selection of materials and techniques towards resolving a finished artwork on the day.





Wood carving, with Alex Lopez

  • 27 April — 15 June 2015

An 8-week course giving an introduction to wood carving by hand, led by an experienced, professional artist who works in both wood and stone. Students will be taught to use specialist wood carving tools to produce one finished sculpture in 3D or relief, using lime wood. No prior experience is required.

Taking place Monday evenings.





Slip casting, with Despina Nissiriou

  • 28 April — 26 May 2015

Slip Casting is a method used for the production of multiples. During this four week course, students will bring their own object to be cast (maximum size 10-30cm in any direction) and depending on the object, will produce a one-part or two-part mould. Once the plaster mould has been produced, this will be used to produce porcelain replicas of the original object. The finished casts will then be decorated using a variety of surface treatment techniques.

Taking place Tuesday evenings.





Introduction to Metal Working, with Johannes Sailer

  • 2 May 2015

This short course offers an intensive two hour introduction into use of the equipment in the Metal Workshop, including the MIG welder, plasma cutter, chop saw, grinders and mechanical equipment.

A series of two-hour sessions throughout the day: 10.00 to 12.00, 12.30 to 14.30, 14.30 to 16.30.





Mould making & paper casting, with Chrissie Heughan

  • 16 — 23 May 2015

This course will run over two mornings and offer the chance to learn how to make a plaster mould, and then make and cast paper.

On the first day, you will instructed in making a relief plaster mould to be used on the second day for casting the paper, and producing textural and colourful handmade papers.

On the second day, using your moulds, you will make casts with the paper produced on the first day.

Students on this course will benefit from working with an artist who has been on residency in renowned Paper Making village, Mino, in Japan, and has experience producing handmade papers from native plants in both Japan and Scotland.





Metal sculpture, with Johannes Sailer

  • 16 — 30 May 2015

Led by experienced professional artist, this three day Metal Sculpture course take place in Edinburgh Sculpture Workshop’s well equipped Metal Workshop.

On the first day, in an intensive two hour session, students will be introduced to working with the equipment in the Metal Workshop: MIG welder, plasma cutter, gas forge, grinders and mechanical equipment, with plenty of time to practice. Students will also discuss their ideas with the tutor on this day.

The following two Saturdays are full days allowing one of these ideas to be developed into a finished metal sculpture in mild steel (in sheet or rod form), with expert guidance and assistance from the tutor.

Included in the course price: mild steel, use of equipment, Day Session Voucher for four half days (untutored).

Taking place over three Saturdays.