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The Officers Dugout and Hull Trench
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Hull Remembers is currently raising a memorial to the people of Hull who lived through the bombing of the city in World War I & II. Our hands-on exhibition centre displays images of Hull at war, artefacts from WW1 & II and a number of real, deactivated, weapons which may be handled by our visitors.

We also offer a free military research service and can help to decypher complicated military records.

Visits from schools, college, youth groups, clubs and societies are always welcome and we are also happy to bring a selection of our favourite artefacts along to you. We can offer talks suitable for all age groups, 6 to 106, and offer a wide range of subjects. Our talks and presentations can be booked for anything from 15 minutes to a whole day.

Venue Type:

Campaign or initiative

Opening hours

Monday to Saturday, 10am to 4pm.

Admission charges

Admission is free although we do welcome donations towards the Hull Peoples Memorial fund.

Getting there

Travelling from Queen Victoria Square, we are on the right hand side of Whitefriargate, just past Marks & Spensers and Heron Frozen Foods.

Additional info

We believe that history should be hands-on and visitors are positively invited to bring their cameras and snap away to their heart's content.


Collection details

Weapons and War, Science and Technology, Social History

Key artists and exhibits

  • 1892 Gewehr 91 (Transval)
  • 1909 Mauser Barrel (German)
  • 1911 Mauser (German)
  • 1911 Colt .45
  • 1913 Lee Enfield P13 .303 SMLE (British)
  • 1914 Vickers P14 .303 (British)
  • 1914 Lee Enfield P14 Mk VII .303 SMLE (British)
  • 1917 Lee Enfield No.3* .303 SMLE (British)
  • WW1 Swift Training Rifle
  • WW1 Lee Enfield No.3* .303 SMLE (South African)
  • WW1 Lee Enfield No.3* .303 SMLE (British) - burnt relic from Polcapele
  • WW1 Lee Enfield No.3* .303 SMLE HT (British)
  • WW1 Vickers Machine Gun (British)
  • WW2 Lee Enfield No.4 .303 SMLE (British)
Exhibition details are listed below, you may need to scroll down to see them all.
The Hull Trench and Officers Dugout

The Hull Trench and Officers Dugout

  • 2 June 2014 — 16 December 2018 *on now

The Hull Trench and Officers dugout represents a section of the front line, not too far from the fallen Madonna of Albert. Complete with a Great War Lewis machine gun, trench periscope, sniper port and assorted trench debris and artefacts, visitors will need to make sure they keep their heads down as there is no telling who may be watching across no-man's land. Unlike many sections of the front, there is a complete ban on smoking due to the number of explosives and rockets amassed in this area.

The Officers Dugout is stuffed full of genuine period artefacts to grab your attention and even includes a number of personal items such as books, sent to the front by a loving mother as a Christmas present in December 1914. If only they could talk...

Suitable for

  • Any age


Admission is free but all donations towards the Hull People's Memorial Fund will be very welcome.


Steven's War outer cover

Steven's War - Book Signing

  • 7 May 2016 12-2pm

We commemorate the 75th anniversary of Kingston upon Hull's worst night of World War Two with a book signing of Steven's War, by award-winning author Val Wood, in our city-centre People's Museum. Our re-enactors will be out and about and you will be able to get hands-on with a number of World War weapons, munitions, artifices and even real WWII bombs which actually fell on Hull on the night of 7th/8th May 1941!

Suitable for

  • Family friendly
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Steven's War Poster

Steven's War - World-Wide Launch

  • 5 May 2016 1-3pm *on now

To commemorate the 75th anniversary of Hull's greatest night of suffering we are releasing 'Steven's War', a new short-story by award winning author Val Wood. Val's story retells, through a mixture of fictionalised first-hand accounts (to protect personal identities) and pure fact, a little of the experience of those who were there.

Join us for the book launch, to be opened by the Lord Mayor of Kingston upon Hull, invite Val Wood to sign your copy, mingle with our some of those who were there at the time and get hands-on with real World War II bombs which fell on the city and survived.

Suitable for

  • Family friendly


Kardomah 94
94 Alfred Gelder Street
Kingston upon Hull

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Kardomah94 is a cafe, bar, restaurant and events venue, established with the aim of creating a vibrant, unique an exciting showcase of all that is good in Kingston upon Hull.

Fully accessible. Everyone welcome.

Getting there

Travelling from Queen Victoria Square, we are on the right hand side of Whitefriargate, just past Marks & Spensers and Heron Frozen Foods.

Hull Remembers
22 Whitefriargate
Kingston upon Hull
East Riding of Yorkshire



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