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Located in the heart of the dynamic gallery district of London’s Fitzrovia, Rosenfeld Porcini opened with the express intention of presenting a strong international programme. Our exhibition ‘Memory’ featuring 9 sculptors from 6 nations recently travelled to PAN Museum, Naples and in 2011 we staged a solo exhibition of American artist Leonardo Drew at our partner gallery Galleria Napolinobillisima. Our recent themed exhibition ‘The Continuation of Romance’ was devoted to contemporary painting and underlied a contextual basis to explore our firm curatorial belief in the continuity that underlies the story of art.

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Nearest Tubes: Oxford Circus, Tottenham Court Road, Goodge Street

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Almagno sculpture

Suspended in Space: Roberto Almagno

  • 11 December 2015 — 13 February 2016 *on now

Although almost exclusively working with wood, Roberto Almagno’s sculptures have acquired a new freedom and plasticity. The sense of order and classicism present in Almagno’s earlier production has now been in part replaced by an exploration of forms, which owe more to drawing or calligraphy, rather than the timeless grace of his previous works. It is rare to find an artist who on the one hand, can achieve a Brancusian purity of form and on the other is capable of the freedom one associates with the Baroque. In the new works, the wood contorts and bends as if it was string, defying our idea of the material’s innate possibilities. However, the overriding obsession of the artist is a concern with balance and precariousness. Using only the slightest of fixed point to keep the sculptures rooted Almagno pursues his dreams of creating sculptures, which are suspended in space.


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untitled, 2015, pure pigments and varnish on wood, 153x200cm

Emmanuel Barcilon: On the Edge of Visibility

  • 19 February — 2 April 2016

The kernel of Emmanuel Barcilon’s practice is concerned with an exploration of the possibilities of painting. He can take almost a year to complete a painting as colour is poured over a wooden support then sanded and reworked many times over; each fresh coat never completely eliminating the previous one. This gives a sense of memory to the work, which in some instances is immediately visible, whilst in others, is almost imperceptible to the naked eye. The concern to keep the frontal surface of the painting completely flat is belied by the heavy layers of colour on the sides of the panel, which ultimately, from certain angles, make his work akin to a sculptural relief.




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rosenfeld porcini gallery

Roberto Almagno: The Perfection of Form


  • rosenfeld porcini gallery

Getting there

Nearest Tubes: Oxford Circus, Tottenham Court Road, Goodge Street

Rosenfeld Porcini
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