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Our Democratic Heritage will work alongside other efforts designed to reverse this trend including the government’s policies for citizenship, the schools’ curriculum and the Magna Carta 800 Committee to strengthen popular celebration of those who did so much to create the freedoms we enjoy today.

We aim to build momentum over the next few years so that democratic heritage becomes a fully established part of British cultural life by the Magna Carta’s 800th anniversary in 2015. Our multi-pronged, cell-like network eliminates the costs associated with creating a new museum or centralised organisation and avoids duplicating the excellent existing heritage infrastructures. Through the virtual world; schools, local councils and other community organisations can store their family’s democratic memories in a living online archive whilst institutions could use this network to build interest in existing democratic strands. In addition, Our Democratic Heritage will provide an innovative resource and partner for creating workshops, democratic walks, tours, exhibitions and many more activities. The many existing active and latent resources that highlight the heroines and heroes of our democratic heritage need to be used to provide role models for the present century. All over the country there are active localised elements celebrating their local heroines and heroes and we want to tie this together through our national media, institutions and even bank holiday. The reinvigoration of cultural memory and how the UK became democratic will help build a stronger sense of national identity.

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