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York Archaeological Trust is a registered museum. Our professionally accredited team has over 30 years experience in investigating buildings, landscapes and buried remains. With a number of nationally recognised specialists and a wide network of contacts and associates, we offer a complete package of expertise - from advice to investigation, from excavation to conservation, from publication to display.

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Turning Back the Clock – Guided Tour

Turning Back the Clock – Guided Tour

  • 15 June 2016 10:30am-4:30pm

Join York Archaeological Trust curators for a guided tour behind the scenes at our Archaeological Resource Centre.
Travel back in time from the Victorian era to Pre-history and discover the history of York through the latest research on some of the artefacts in our collection.





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Artefacts Alive!


Beneath houses and pavements, fields and country roads lie buried clues to our past —, objects lost or discarded by countless generations. Each has secrets to reveal...
We see these objects on display in museums or illustrated in books but a lot has happened to them since they re-emerged from the soil.
Share with us the thrill of discovery. Take a glimpse behind the scenes to see how artefacts can come alive.

Multicultural York: the Anglo-Saxons (AD400-866)


How an abandoned Roman city of York was gradually repopulated and became known throughout Europe as a centre of Christianity, learning and trade, resulting in the Anglo-Saxon period seeing enormous changes in language and culture.


  • This resource was produced as part of the MLA-funded My Learning project.

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