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The White Chapel that gave the area its name is now a patch of grass; tower blocks have replaced many of the cramped little houses on the narrow pavements; former synagogues have become leather emporia and furniture stores. Gone is Gardiner's Corner the legendary meeting place for lovers and rallying point for political rallies. But four synagogues and the remnants of a once vibrant Jewish community remain, joined now by the next generation of young Jews living and working in the area.

The Jewish East End Celebration Society has been established to identify, document and where possible preserve this heritage for future generations both of Jews and immigrant communities that have arrived in the area today. The Society will not romanticise nor glorify the conditions that faced Jewish refugees at the turn of the twentieth century as the settled in London ’s East End, to escape pogroms and poverty in Eastern Europe. The new Society will rather celebrate the birthplace of the community that burgeoned there, was educated in its schools, streets, libraries and art galleries and whose members have gone on to become some of the most famous, successful and generous British citizens. The cradle of Jewish life in Britain deserves to be celebrated.

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Jewish East End Celebration Society - JEECS
Jewish East End Celebration Society
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