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Playing the interactive elements game in the Faraday Exhibition
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For over 200 years, the RI has been ‘diffusing science for the common purposes of life’.

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Museum, Science centre

Opening hours

Mon-Fri 09.00-21.00
(reception desk 09.00-18.00)

Closed: 23rd Dec-2nd Jan & bank holidays

Admission charges

Admission to building/exhibition: Free

Admission charge for some events including:
Public Lectures
Standard: £10.00
Concession: £7.00
Associate: £5.00
Member/Faraday: Free

Additional info

The Archive Reading Room is open to the public by appointment, Mon-Wed, 10.00-13.00 and 14.00-17.00.

Includes the original apparatus and papers of many of those who have researched, lectured and lived at the Royal Institution including Humphry Davy, Michael Faraday, John Tyndall, James Dewar, William Bragg, Lawrence Bragg and George Porter. The collection also includes important collections of iconographical material in various media, scientific instruments, as well as a large administrative archive, covering all aspects of the work of the Royal Institution.

Collection details

Science and Technology, Natural Sciences, Archives

Key artists and exhibits

  • Michael Faraday
  • Induction Ring
  • Volta's Battery
  • Humphry Davy
  • Davy Lamp
  • Count Rumford
  • James Dewar
  • Dewar Flask
  • John Tyndall
  • William Henry Bragg
  • William Lawrence Bragg
  • X-ray Spectrometer
  • Lysozyme
  • Laboratory

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Darner Dragonflies mating ritual

Ri Lates: Rules of attraction

  • 24 October 2014 6:30-10:30pm

The human experience is mediated by the rules of attraction, whether by gravitation, chemical bonds, or whatever makes us fall in love.

Could you fall in love with a robot? What happens to liquid when you fill it with iron filings? And what does the shape of a penis tell you about an animal’s social life? Find out the answers to these questions and so many more through hands-on workshops, activities, science demons and stimulating talks.

Make your own gunpowder, play with magnets, have a drink, and grab some food to the live music before learning the rules of courtship at our dance workshops. This night will be an eclectic way to end the week!

Suitable for

  • 18+


£12 Standard
£8 Concession
Discounts and free tickets to Ri members

Stunning view of starburst galaxy

Dark matter’s not enough: Why the Universe ought to be weirder

  • 27 October 2014 6-7:30pm

The Universe seems to be governed by rules that we can, with some effort, understand. Andrew Pontzen will introduce the stranger side of the cosmos – dark matter and dark energy – but then argue that these things are not so weird or unexpected after all. The strangest thing is that our rule-laden cosmos should be so predictable.

Suitable for

  • 18+
  • 14-15
  • 7-10
  • 11-13
  • 16-17


£12 Standard
£8 Concession
£6 Associate member
Free to full Ri members and fellows


Installing solar panels

Powering ahead with solar energy

  • 31 October 2014 8-9:15pm

With a growing global population, an international challenge is to find sustainable sources of energy. Professor Lesley Yellowlees will explain how chemists can contribute effectively to solar energy. She’ll describe the research she and her team have undertaken in Edinburgh to characterise dye sensitised solar cells using techniques such as UV/Vis and EPR spectroelectrochemistry.

Suitable for

  • 18+
  • 16-17


£17 standard
£11 Associate members
Free to Ri members and fellows