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For thirty years, Side has been committed to documentary photography. We remain rooted in the realist tradition, strongly believing in the need for social commitment. Our heroes include Lewis Hine and Robert Doisneau, both of whom are represented in Side's extensive collection. Our aim is to celebrate, illuminate and expand the humanist experience, particularly in relation to working-class culture. We believe in the value of the artist to society. But also believe that the artist's role is essentially a critical one. We are committed to the building up of our Photographic Collection, from work commissioned, purchased and donated to Side.

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We have developed a Resource Centre which makes available a significant reference library of books and magazines on photography, a slide library of images from the Side Photographic Collection and a collection of videotapes on photography and subjects related to particular exhibitions.

Currently the collection consists of over 7,000 images, the majority of which relate to the North East of England. The Side Photographic Collection went digital in October 2003, when something like 2,000 images from over 80 projects involving more than 30 photographers were made available online. With support from the New Opportunities Fund, Side has been scanning and photoshopping since August 2002 in preparation for the public launch. With a strong emphasis on the work of photographers who have been documenting the north east of England, the online Collection presents a broader and deeper understanding of the work Side has been supporting during its 25 years. Our long-term aim is to make the whole Collection available online.

You can see the work so far on:

Collection details

Photography, Social History

Key artists and exhibits

  • Lewis Hine
  • August Sander
  • Jimmy Forsyth
  • Russell Lee
  • Martin Chambi
  • Robert Doisneau
  • Weegee
  • Mary Gillens
  • John Davies
  • Sirkka-Liisa Konttinen
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Side Photographic Collection Online

Some 2,000 documentary photographs in over 80 bodies of work by more than 40 different photographers.
Lives & landscapes of Northern England, classics of documentary, historical northern documentary and contemporary explorations of the wider world.

Side Photographic Gallery
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