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RAF Digby Ops Room
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Royal Air Force Digby, Lima Sector Operations Room Museum is dedicated to those who served and fought in support of freedom at home and abroad during World War Two. It also allows later generations to experience how a great victory was achieved.

The RAF Digby Sector Operations room museum welcomes school groups. Students aged 10-16 can view the large collection of photographs, documentation which relates to RAF Fighter Command operations 1939-1945, as well as to RAF Bomber Command operations and the influence that our Allies had upon the outcome of the war. Practical displays show how plotting of enemy aircraft was done and how the Battle of Britain was won.

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Guided tours Sundays throughout the summer, from 1st Sunday in May to 1st Sunday in October, commencing 11am

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Free admission to all.

The museum has been restored to resemble its appearance at the start of World War Two. The display centres on the main operations room, complete with plotting table, state boards, period furniture, communications equipment and contemporary furnished side offices. The remaining rooms contain photographic and documentary archives, equipment displays, an exhibition of RAF roundels, wartime radios, model displays and a collection of some substantial aircraft parts, including 2 Merlin engines. Because RAF Digby was located in "Bomber County", one of the rooms contains a display of RAF Bomber Command associated items particularly related to some of the many Bomber Squadrons that were based close to RAF Digby. These range from a Merlin 24 engine, taken from a 1660 HCU Lancaster, to a single propeller blade from a Short Stirling bomber - plus much more. The stories relating to the loss of HMS Glorious on the 8th June 1940 and HMT Lancastria on the 17th June 1940 are detailed in pictures and documentation. The exhibition includes a restored example of a "Pipsqueak Table" that was used to plot friendly fighters by the use of Radio Direction Finding (RDF).

Collection details

Aviation, Photography, Weapons and War

Key artists and exhibits

  • Pipsqueak Table / Radio Direction Finding (RDF)
  • Bomber Command
  • History of RAF Digby, HMS Glorious and HMT Lancastria

Royal Air Force Digby Sector Operations Room Museum
Royal Air Force Digby, "L" Sector Operations Room Museum



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